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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities


Reporting Requirements 2017

FPP A.036

Except where otherwise specifically stated on this website, all references to “agency” or “agencies” refer to any agency, university or component unit that has an “agency number.” The state of Texas fiscal year begins Sept. 1 of the calendar year and runs through Aug. 31 of the following calendar year.

Latest Updates

The following table displays all content changes to this website made after the June 23, 2017, publication date. Updates critical to the reporting requirements (policies/procedures) are indicated with highlighted rows.

Changes to this website

Added the CURO web application instructions and made the CURO web application available in the AFR Web Applications table.

Added all the webinar video segments with closed captioning and the Q&As to the AFR Training Page.

06/28/2017 Added the training materials (PDFs) for the Morning (Part 1) and the Afternoon (Part 2) AFR Update Webinars.

Fiscal 16 Reporting Period [+]

Fiscal 15 Reporting Period [+]

Fiscal 14 Reporting Period [+]

Fiscal 13 Reporting Period [+]

Fiscal 12 Reporting Period [+]

Fiscal 11 Reporting Period [+]

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