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Processing Supplemental Appropriations and Reductions

FPP A.047

Instructions for Processing AY23/AY24 Supplemental Appropriation Transactions

USAS Instructions

Step Action
1 Verify the appropriation number (38XXX, where XXX is the number in  SB 30) assigned as the receiving account for the supplemental budget has been created on the Appropriation Number Profile (20) screen with the designated AY, COBJs and effective date.
2 Agencies must establish program cost accounts (PCAs) that infer the direct strategy (program code) for which the appropriation will be established. Multiple PCAs may be established for an appropriation, if combinations of direct strategies, program codes and funding sources are needed.

Create a PCA on the Program Cost Account Profile (26) screen with the following elements:
  • AGENCY = assigned three-digit number
  • APPN YEAR = 23 or 24
  • TYPE = D
  • TITLE = defined by agency, should relate section title in SB 30
  • PROGRAM CODE = XXXX This program code must roll up to the strategy listed on the crosswalk that was provided by the appropriation control officer
  • PCA Group = PCA group number(s) should be added to any PCA that will have significant disaster events as outlined in FPP K.014
  • AGY BUD PRG LEVEL IND = This value (0–9) should be the same for all PCAs within an appropriation year (AY)
  • APPN NUMB = 38XXX (Appn SB 30, Sec XX) listed on crosswalk
  • FUND = D23 Fund that infers the correct GR or GR-D Appropriated Fund
3 Establish supplemental budgets in appropriation 38XXX using coding block 3a or 3b:
3a Committed appropriation
  • Batch Type 1
  • Doc Type B
  • T-code 001
  • PCA: Determined by agency


3b Collected appropriation
  • Batch Type 1
  • Doc Type B
  • T-code 001
  • T-code 003
  • PCA: Determined by agency
4 Email copies of all vouchers to your ACO who will then approve the batch in USAS.

CAPPS Instructions

CAPPS agencies that track Appropriation 38XXX in CAPPS will need to follow the USAS instructions above. A manual budget entry can then be entered into CAPPS for the original expenditure budget.