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System Changes

ACR 60135: SPRS Change
CSA Deductions
ACR 60076: USPS Change
CSA Deductions
ACR 60015: USPS Change
401(k)/457 Changes

What’s New on FMX?

Tax Implications for Donated Sick Leave

The 84th Legislature enacted House Bill 1771, which added Government Code Section 661.207, to provide state employees with severe illness or who have family members with severe illness access to sick leave in excess of what is available through the state employee sick leave pool.

The Comptroller’s office has been asked if this recently enacted provision creates tax consequences for the donor or the recipient.

For more information, see Tax Implications for Donated Sick Leave.

Orders Now Being Taken for Copies of the GAA

Agencies can purchase bound copies of the 2016–2017 General Appropriations Act (GAA). The cost is $15 per book, including postage. Distribution of the printed GAA should begin the week of April 25.

Orders must be made online and prepaid by interagency transaction voucher or check. No credit card or ACH payments can be accepted. A limited number of copies will be available.

Commuter Spending Account Deductions Now Available

The Employees Retirement System now allows employees to participate in pre-tax Commuter Spending Accounts (CSAs).

February 2016 is the first pay period for CSA deductions. CSA Transit Pass/Vanpool and CSA Qualified Parking deductions are now available in USPS, SPRS and CAPPS HR/Payroll (Central Agencies).

Note: If you do not have access to the CAPPS Application Service Provider (ASP) Solution Center, please contact your agency’s CAPPS support staff for more information.

Texa$aver Plan Change Implemented in USPS

ERS now allows Texa$aver 401(k) and 457 plan participants to make payroll contributions either as a percentage or set dollar amount. February 2016 is the first pay period for the plan changes.

ACR 60015 – USPS System Change migrated Jan. 29 to allow either type of deduction. The changes will display on Report 978 (ERS Transmitted DCP Election Changes).

Legislation-related Substantive Changes Made to Comptroller Manual of Accounts

A number of substantive changes, effective Sept. 30 and Jan. 1, have been made recently to the Texas Comptroller Manual of Accounts (FPP Q.009) due to legislation passed by the 84th Legislature, Regular Session. The list includes entries that have been added, deleted or significantly modified.

The manual provides current information on state agencies, appropriated funds and accounts and object codes to be used in properly recording accounting transactions.

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