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USAS and CAPPS Financials Confidentiality Indicator

FPP E.045

How the Confidentiality Indicator is Used

The confidentiality indicator values in USAS (Y, S or N) are permanently stored in the accounting transaction history record. This includes the CAPPS Financials indicators uploaded by batch to USAS that were converted to the USAS values Y, S or N. No USAS or CAPPS Financials security restrictions are placed on a transaction based on this value.

Although the confidentiality indicator fields in USAS and CAPPS Financials are for informational purposes only, several other applications use this indicator as stored in the USAS accounting transaction history record:

  • Public Information Act requests – Transactions marked Y or S are individually considered and confidential information is not disclosed. Additionally, the Comptroller’s office considers vendor/payee numbers to be sensitive and does not include them in reports accessible to the general public.
  • Where the Money Goes Requirements (FPP G.004) – Transactions marked Y are available to the public on the Comptroller’s Texas Transparency website with the payee name displayed as CONFIDENTIAL. Transactions marked S are disclosed since there is no confidential information in the fields shown on the website.
    • Where the Money Goes displays vendor/payee name, comptroller object, payment written date, transaction amount and agency.
    • The Data Center provides access to machine-readable, platform-independent raw datasets, such as monthly expenditures by agency that include comptroller object, vendor/payee name, payment date, appropriation number, appropriation year and appropriated fund. If the transaction has been marked Y, the payee name displays as CONFIDENTIAL.
      Note: Vendor/payee numbers are not included in Where the Money Goes or the Data Center.
  • Treasury Operations’ Web Warrant Inquiry and Cancellation System (WWIC) – If a payment contains a transaction marked Y or S, special security access to confidential payments is required for either viewing or canceling the payment using the WWIC system.
  • Texas Identification Number System (TINS) – The value entered for the confidentiality indicator as it appears in USAS (Y, S or N) is stored in TINS and reflected in the CI field on the PAYVEN screen.