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USPS Process Guide – Chapter 7 – Terminations/Transfers-Out
HØBUS – General Terminations

Screen: HØBUS
Prerequisites: None

Note: If an employee is deceased or is directly transferring to another state agency, see the specific instructions for those processes later in this chapter.

Step Action
Access HØBUS.
Enter R in the SUBCOMMAND field.
Enter the following fields as required:

Enter 03 (terminated, but eligible for payment).

Note: The system automatically changes EMPLOYEE STATUS to 07 after a certain number of days (specified on HØCFL). No payments may be made to an employee with a status of 07.

REASON CODE/EXT (Required/Optional)
In the first area of this field, you are required to enter a three-character HRIS reason code indicating the reason for the employee’s termination.
057 Resignation in lieu of involuntary separation
060 Voluntary termination
063 At will termination
064 Reduction in force
067 Dismissal for cause
068 Retirement

In the second area of this field, you may enter a four-character extended reason code. This area is an optional user-defined field.

TERM DT (Required)

Enter the effective date of termination. This date is the last day actually worked or the date that the annual leave is exhausted.

Note: This date must be later than any history transaction effective dates on HNHU1 for this employee.

The system assumes an effective time of 5:00 p.m. on the termination date. If the termination is effective prior to 5:00 p.m., you can use the hours dock feature or enter an adjustment on HUAU1 (see Chapter 8 – Payroll Processing).

Enter the inactive date if the position is to be inactivated.
HRS DOCK (Optional)
The number of hours short on the day of termination. This value must be less than the scheduled hours for the day for the employee. Hours are entered in an hour percentage format (the same manner as hours are entered on other payroll screens), for example, 1.5 indicates one-and-one-half hours. Changes for HRS DOCK are done on HNHDH.
ELEC SERV MOS (Optional)
The number of months, if any, an employee has been an elected official during this employment period.

Press Enter to process the transaction.

Note: When you terminate an employee, the direct deposit frequency will remain on for 60 days past term date (except for reason code 069). The frequency will turn off during the first USPS cycle without an approved payroll. Direct deposit can be turned off earlier by changing the frequency on this screen. A new hire will always begin employment with direct deposit deductions off for every new hire code.

Note: To view a terminated employee, access HMPDS (not HMPHR).

Note: A prior state service record will be written for employees at the time of termination. A hazardous duty record will be written to HOHAZ for employees in a hazardous duty assignment at the time of termination.

Note: When an employee assigned to job classes SAD1 (State Active Duty at agency 401), BD25 (Board Member), CP25 (Board Member/Commissioner), or EXCS (Excess Benefits at agency 323 or 327) is terminated from employment, there is no HN8U1 and/or HOHAZ history row written for Prior State Service. An employee assigned to one of these job classes is not eligible to receive state service time for that period of employment.

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