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Changing Your Password

A user’s password must be changed every 90 days. The system notifies the user when it is time to change their password.

During normal log-on procedures or during a change of password, the system suspends the user if they fail to enter a valid password on the third attempt.

If a user forgets their password, the security coordinator must reset it.


  1. Enter USAS on the Texas Map log-on screen.
  2. Press Enter. The Texas Comptroller screen appears.
    VTAM/Switch 6.3  Session Manager                                 Term: TCP50779
                                                                     Date: 07/14/2011
    Please enter your userid and password                            Time: 08:49:50
       User ID  : _______
       Password :
       New Password :
  3. Enter your user ID in the USER ID field.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Enter your current password in the PASSWORD field.
  6. Press Tab.
  7. Choose a new password using the following guidelines:
    • Passwords must be eight characters.
    • At least two of the characters must be numeric.
    • Passwords should not be written down.
  8. Enter your new password in the NEW PASSWORD field.
  9. Press Tab.
  10. Re-enter your new password in the second NEW PASSWORD field.
  11. Press Enter. If your password has been successfully changed, the Uniform Statewide Accounting Session Manager screen appears.