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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities


Annual Financial Report Web Applications

The Financial Reporting section has developed the following AFR web applications. Each of these applications is described in detail in the AFR Reporting Requirements. The table below summarizes the USAS security access code and submission requirement by type of entity.

Agencies do not need to certify web apps when there is no activity. There is an option in the CNRC web application that addresses “no activity.” If you receive an error for the SEFA web application, please notify your financial reporting analyst.

  Who is required to submit using the web application?
AFR Web Application Open for Current FY Entry Application Purpose and Instructions USAS
Security Code
(D53 Profile)
Agency Independent University Component University Consolidated University
Agency Cash Flow Reporting (ACFR) ACFR ACFR Yes Yes No Yes
Bond Reporting System (BRS) BRS BOND Yes Yes No Yes
Capital Asset Note Submission System (CANSS) CANSS CASS Yes Yes Yes Yes
CAFR Note Reporting & Certification ( CNRC ) CNRC CNRC Yes Yes No Yes
Component Unit & Related Organizations (CURO) CURO CURO Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deposit and Investment Note Submission System (DINSS) DINSS INVS Yes Yes No Yes
General Revenue Reconciliation GR Recon GRSC Yes Yes Yes No
Lease Note Submission System (LNSS) LNSS LNSS Yes Yes No Yes
Long-Term Liability Note (LTLN) LTLN LTLN Yes Yes No Yes
Other Notes and Disclosures (ONDSS) ONDSS DRNS Yes Yes No Yes
Restatement Note Submission System (RNSS) RNSS RNSS Yes Yes No Yes
Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) SEFA FSSC Yes Yes Yes No
State Pass-Through Reporting (SPTR) SPTR SPTR Yes Yes Yes No
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