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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

Pass-Through Activity

Instructions for the SEFA Web Application
Step 1. Log in Screen

Ensure proper security access exists as early in the process as possible. Contact your agency’s security coordinator to request SEFA web application access for each agency number you are reporting.

Verify your security access was established by viewing the USAS Titles Profile (D53) screen as shown below. On the D53 screen:

  1. Enter R in the ACTION field.
  2. Enter FSSC in the TABLE ID field.
  3. Enter your User ID and agency number in the KEY field.

    If you enter your User ID without the agency number, USAS automatically appends it to the end of your User ID.

  4. Press Enter.

    Your name appears in the TITLE field if your security was properly established.

    Once security access is granted, USAS requires one overnight cycle to run before you can access the SEFA web application.

LINK TO:                        TITLES PROFILE                            PROD 
ACTION: R    (A=ADD, C=CHANGE, D=DELETE, N=NEXT, R=RECALL)                     
              TABLE ID: FSSC                                                   
                   KEY: JSMI413111                                             
                 TITLE: WARREN PEASE                                           

Note: In the sample screen above, the KEY field shows an enabled User ID of “JSMI413” with access to agency “111”.

Log into the Web Application

Once proper security authority is established, you can access the SEFA web application.

SEFA Login Screen
  1. Enter your USER ID.
    Your User ID is the same as your ACID used to access the Comptroller’s mainframe and USAS.
  2. Enter your PASSWORD.
    This is your USAS password.
  3. Click Log in to enter the SEFA web application.

    If your SEFA web application security access is denied and an error message displays, contact your agency’s security coordinator.

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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