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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

Pass-Through Activity

State Grant Pass-Through Schedule
State Grant Pass-Through Reconciliation – Timeline

Sept. 1 – Initial Certification

This certifies the agency entered its interagency state pass-through records (including accruals) in the SPTR web application. If full detail on accrual amounts is not available, records are still entered based on the agency’s documented revenues or expenditures.

The certification confirms the submission is a complete and accurate representation of the agency’s interagency state pass-through USAS records for the current fiscal year, including all applicable accruals. It is very important to meet this submission deadline in order to populate the Pass-Through Reconciliation report.

Sept 19 – Sept 25 – Interagency State Grant Pass-Through Reconciliation Period

All balances not previously confirmed by the initial certification must be reconciled during the reconciliation period. This period provides time for agencies to communicate and resolve any discrepancies between pass-through balances reported by the sending and receiving agencies. All balances must be reconciled prior to the Interagency State Grant Pass-Through Final Certification. The Financial Reporting section can assist agencies that are unable to reach an agreement. Contact your financial reporting analyst for assistance.

Sept. 28 – Interagency State Grant Pass-Through Final Certification

This certifies the agency fully reconciled all interagency state grant pass-throughs.

Note: All agencies must enter USAS interfund/interagency transactions by close of business (COB) on Sept. 26. If Sept. 26 falls on a weekend, all transactions must be entered by COB on the prior Friday or they will not be processed until Monday.

The Financial Reporting section reviews the state grant pass-through data and certifications following the interagency state grant pass-through certification deadline. For uncertified agencies, the Financial Reporting section adjusts unbalanced interagency state grant pass-throughs and then certifies the agency by using the following general rules:

  • The disbursing agency is responsible for determining the classification of funds:
    • Pass-through vs. vendor
    • Federal vs. state
    • The portions of federal and state
  • The receiving agency determines the amount of accruals.

The Financial Reporting section then advises each impacted agency that their AFR must change to balance with the state grant pass-through data.