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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

Pass-Through Activity

State Grant Pass-Through Schedule
Grant ID

The Grant ID consists of seven numbers separated by a period between the third and fourth number. The first three numbers correspond to the state grantor agency and the last four numbers correspond to the specific grant. The Grant ID is a required element for each pass-through record entered into the SPTR web application.

Procedures to Add/Delete a Grant

To add an active state grant to the SPTR web application:

  1. Document confirmation of the grant relationship between the grantor and grantee agency via email.
  2. Forward the confirmation to your financial reporting analyst. Include the official name of the grant as part of this communication. Any requests to add a grant without proper confirmation will not be accepted until both agencies confirm there is an active grant relationship.

The Financial Reporting section adds the grant to the SPTR web application and informs both agencies when it is available for use.

To delete a grant, the grantor agency should contact their assigned financial reporting analyst. It is important to only include current grants in the database to ensure the efficiency of the SPTR web application.

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