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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

Pass-Through Activity

Data Elements

Specific Guidelines for Various Data Elements – CFDA Numbers, Identification Numbers and Program Names

Agencies and universities must provide an identification number when:

  • Federal funds are received from a non-state entity
  • The CFDA number is not assigned by the federal grantor agency

The CFDA number consists of five numbers separated by a period between the second and third number.

The image below shows that in a CFDA number, the two numbers to the left of the decimal point represent the Federal Grantor Agency. The three numbers to the right of the decimal point represent the Specific Grant Number.

C FDA Number

Verify CFDA numbers on the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance website. If the federal program number is unknown, contact the federal grantor agency and request the CFDA. When absolutely necessary (meaning only when all efforts to identify the federal program have been resonably exhausted), use the federal grantor agency’s prefix number followed by a period and three zeroes.

According to the Uniform Guidance, federal awarding agencies and pass-through entities have certain responsibilities related to the federal awards they make. Inform each recipient or subrecipient of all the following:

  • CFDA number and title
  • Award’s name and number
  • Award year
  • Whether the award is for research and development (R&D)

When some of this information is not available, the federal agency of pass-through entity must provide the information necessary to clearly describe the federal award.

Email the if you are using an expired CFDA number or need a CFDA number added for a new grant. Documentation of the grant award is required before the CFDA number can be added to the USAS Grant Category (D40) Profile screen and the SEFA web application.

For a list of the federal grantor agency’s prefix numbers, see Table I – List of Federal Agency Two-Digit Prefix Numbers.

For a summary of the federal schedule required data elements, see Table II – Required Data Elements.

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