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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

General Revenue Reconciliation

Payroll-Related Costs
Contacts for Payroll-Related Costs

ERS and TWC provide agencies with payroll-related cost reports during the first week of September; therefore, please defer calls until these reports are received.

Chart I – Contacts and COBJs for GR Payroll-related Cost

Payroll-related Cost Central Agency Contact Person, Email & Number Object Codes
Retirement Contributions ERS John Barnes
512‑867‑7243 9435 (Rev), 7032 (Exp)
Retirement Contributions Teacher Retirement System Melody Austin
512-542-6177 9435 (Rev), 7909 (Exp)
Group Insurance Contributions – Agencies ERS John Barnes
512-867-7243 9425 (Rev), 7041 (Exp)
Group Insurance Contributions – Universities ERS Salvador Sanchez
512-867-7407 9425 (Rev), 7041 (Exp)
Unemployment Compensation TWC (Mid – October) Warren Collier
512-463-9729 9486 (Rev), 7984 (Exp)
OASI State Matching Comptroller’s office Appropriation Control Officer    
ORP (6%)
GR Employees Only
Comptroller’s office Appropriation Control Officer    
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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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