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Monday, Feb. 15

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ACR 60135: SPRS Change
CSA Deductions
ACR 60076: USPS Change
CSA Deductions
ACR 60015: USPS Change
401(k)/457 Changes

What’s New on FMX?

Reminder — Use the Current Forms Available on FMX

Do you need to submit a form to Fiscal Management? Visit the Forms page or appropriate topic page on FMX to ensure you submit the current version.

The Forms page is always available from the top drop-down menu bar. Forms can be filtered by topic or browsed alphabetically or numerically. Topic pages such as Appropriations or Payment Services feature a forms subheading with a link to forms on that topic.

Note: Previously downloaded copies or stored links may not provide up-to-date forms.

Tax Implications for Donated Sick Leave

The 84th Legislature enacted House Bill 1771, which added Government Code Section 661.207, to provide state employees with severe illness or who have family members with severe illness access to sick leave in excess of what is available through the state employee sick leave pool.

The Comptroller’s office has been asked if this recently enacted provision creates tax consequences for the donor or the recipient.

For more information, see Tax Implications for Donated Sick Leave.

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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