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What’s New on FMX?

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Update Contact Information for ACA 1094-C and 1095-C

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) requires employers to offer affordable health insurance that provides minimum essential coverage to their full-time (and full-time equivalent) employees and their dependents or incur tax penalties.

The Comptroller’s office has updated ACA 1094-C and 1095-C Reporting Requirements (FPP F.039) for calendar year 2023. Agencies should review this guidance for how it affects your agency. Your agency is responsible for 1094-C and 1095-C reporting.

CAPPS Central agencies are required to update the Manage Agency Contact Info page in CAPPS by Dec. 31.

Holiday Systems Scheduling and Warrant Distribution

Monday, Dec. 25, and Tuesday, Dec. 26: The Comptroller’s office will be closed; no warrants will be distributed.

Warrants from the Dec. 22 and Dec. 26 cycles will be available Dec. 27.

Monday, Jan. 1: The Comptroller’s office will be closed; no warrants will be distributed.

Warrants from the Dec. 29 cycle will be available Jan. 2.

See Payment Distribution for warrant pickup requirements and the System Outages and Holidays calendar for more information.

USAS/TINS File Submission

If you need to submit a USAS or TINS batch file on a weekend or holiday, see the USAS/TINS Input Record File Submission Schedule.

Direct Deposit Settlement Dates

To determine the direct deposit settlement date of a payment, exclude state and federal holidays listed on the System Outages and Holidays calendar.

Since financial institutions are closed, no direct deposit activity occurs on those days. Agencies must consider these dates when determining when to submit their payments to ensure prompt payment and avoid late payment interest.

Reminder – New TINS Reversal/Reclamation Web App

A Direct Deposits – Reversals and Reclamations (DDEP) web application and the automation of direct deposit return money were implemented in phases via Application Change Request (ACR) 60027 and ACR 60227 when the final phase migrated in January 2023.

Effective Jan. 2, 2024, agencies must process their own reversals and reclamations via DDEP. See ACR 60027 for more information, the DDEP Web Application for step-by-step instructions, and Direct Deposit Payments Made in Error for DDEP policy and procedure updates.

Contact Payment Services with questions.

Payables and Binding Encumbrances Due

State agencies and institutions of higher education must report payables and binding encumbrances for first-quarter fiscal 2023 appropriations by Dec. 30.

Quarterly certification must be entered in the online form.

See Important Dates in the Reporting Guidelines of Encumbrance Reporting and Lapsing of Appropriations (APS 018) (FPP A.019) for more information.

GAA for 2024-25

Bound copies of the 2024-25 General Appropriations Act (GAA) are not on sale at this time. The Comptroller’s office will issue an announcement once the bound/printed copies are available for purchase.

See Conference Committee Report, House Bill 1, General Appropriations Bill for an electronic copy.

2024 Earned Federal Funds Update

State agencies are responsible for collecting and depositing earned federal funds (EFF) and indirect cost reimbursements to the General Revenue Fund. Effective Sept. 1, the EFF collection totals have been updated per the General Appropriations Act (GAA).

See Earned Federal Funds and Indirect Cost Reimbursements to the General Revenue Fund (APS 023) (FPP A.017) for defined conditions and deadlines.

Contact your agency’s appropriation control officer with any questions.

Hotel Occupancy Tax Refund Reports

Agencies that reimburse employees for state-related hotel stays are due a refund for the associated hotel occupancy taxes. USAS automatically generates the refunds each quarter.

The hotel occupancy tax refund for September through November will be available on DAFR8190 and DAFR8200 on Dec 9.

See Hotel Occupancy Tax Quarterly Refund (FPP B.006) for more information.

Military (Formerly Veteran) Workforce Summary Reports Due

Dec. 15 is the maintenance and corrections deadline for the fiscal 2024 first-quarter Military (formerly Veteran) Workforce Summary Reports (Sept. 1 to Nov. 30). Copies of the quarterly reports will be sent via electronic file transfer (EFT) on Dec. 19. The online quarterly report acknowledgment form (with required complaint reporting included) will be available Dec. 19 and must be submitted by Dec. 29.

See Military Workforce Summary Reports and Military Complaint Reporting (FPP F.038) for more information.