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USAS and CAPPS Confidentiality Indicator

To make payment information available to the public promptly, the Comptroller’s office must be able to distinguish confidential and nonconfidential payments. State agencies and institutions of higher education must properly mark confidential transactions to protect payee confidentiality, per USAS and CAPPS Confidentiality Indicator (FPP E.045).

The agency or institution submitting a transaction is responsible for determining confidentiality. Transactions are legally considered public unless specifically excluded by the Public Information Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552).

An agency or institution that marks a transaction as confidential should be prepared to cite the law or attorney general opinion that excludes the payment from public disclosure.

Recovery Audit Reports

The Comptroller of Public Accounts is statutorily required to report to each Legislature the results of overpayment recovery audits of certain state agencies by Feb. 1 on odd-numbered years.

See the State of Texas Overpayment Recovery Audit, Report to the 88th Legislature on the Recovery Audit Reports page for more information.

Deadline to Request Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed property transferred to the state includes property that might belong to state agencies or institutions of higher education. Money not claimed by May 31 will be deposited into unappropriated general revenue.

See Unclaimed Property Annual Notification for more information, including contact information for the Comptroller’s Unclaimed Property Division.

Biennial Revenue Estimate

The 2024-25 Biennial Revenue Estimate (BRE) is available on Comptroller.Texas.Gov, following its release to the Texas Legislature. Lawmakers use this constitutionally mandated estimate to create a balanced budget during the legislative session. 

See the Comptroller’s news release for more on the 2024-25 BRE.

CAPPS User Group Meeting

A combined CAPPS HR/Payroll and Financials user group meeting will be held Jan. 26, 9–11 a.m.

See CAPPS HR/Payroll User Group Meetings or CAPPS Financials User Group Meetings for more information. The agenda and meeting materials will be available the morning of the meeting.

Reminder – Request Form 1099 by Jan. 30

Jan. 30 is the last day to adjust the 1099-reportable data and request 1099s in USAS.

Payments of $600 or more to a non-corporate payee for services or interest during a calendar year must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 1099-Miscellaneous (MISC), Form 1099-Nonemployee Compensation (NEC) or Form 1099-Interest Income (INT).

See USAS Procedures for 1099 Reporting for Calendar Year 2022 (FPP E.001) for more information.