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System Changes

IR 20115: TINS Change
TINS Test Environment

What’s New on FMX?

Certification for USAS Balances for Imprest, Petty Cash and Travel Advance Accounts due July 10

Agencies authorized to maintain imprest, petty cash and travel advance accounts are required to certify that USAS balances and agency computed balances (cash plus outstanding reimbursements) agree. This is to ensure correct year-end USAS balances. Only cash accounts with balances created from funds in the state treasury are subject to this requirement.

The certification is due by July 10. All corrections must be entered into USAS by July 27.

See USAS Balances for Imprest, Petty Cash and Travel Advance Accounts (FPP A.045) for additional information including instructions for requesting access and completing the forms.

TINS Validation Rules for SSN / ITIN / EIN

The TINS SSN / ITIN / EIN Validation Rules are available on FMX’s TexPayment Resource page. TINS validates SSNs, ITINs and EINs when payee setups and changes are submitted to determine if the numbers are valid according to the Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service. If a number is determined to be invalid, TINS rejects the transaction and generates an error message.

Agencies may incorporate these rules into their internal systems to minimize unprocessed TINS transactions.

Contact Payment Services for more information.

Monthly Refresh Implemented for TINS Test Environment

TINS Information Request (IR) 20115 establishes a standard monthly schedule for a refresh of the TINS test environment, TINS AGY SETUP, effective July 2, 2018. The refresh will occur on the first workday of each month. For complete information, see IR 20115 – TINS Test Environment in the System Change Tracker on FMX.

Beginning July 2, state agencies and institutions of higher education may now schedule their TINS testing without coordinating with the Comptroller’s office prior to testing.

If you have questions, contact Payment Services.

Review Conditions and Deadlines for Certain AY 2018 EFF Collections

Earned Federal Funds (EFF) that agencies deposit into Appropriation 70000 in amounts above the level identified in General Appropriations Act (GAA), Article IX, Section 13.11(b), plus benefits (13.11[g]), are appropriated subject to certain conditions and deadlines.

The conditions and deadlines are defined in the Appropriation Authority for Earned Federal Fund Collections Above the Annual Level section of Earned Federal Funds and Indirect Cost Reimbursements to the General Revenue Fund (APS 023) (FPP A.017). 

Contact your agency’s appropriation control officer with any questions.

USAS T-Code Sorts and Reference Information Updated

USAS documentation on FMX has been updated:

  • USAS Reference (FPP Q.012) includes updated lists of Comptroller General Ledger Accounts, Document Type and Title, User Class and Title, and Comptroller Objects Sorted by Object Group for Appropriation Year 2018.

Reminder – Review the Direct Deposit Checklist

State agencies and institutions of higher education should follow the Direct Deposit Checklist before setting up, changing or cancelling direct deposits.

If your agency creates its own online direct deposit authorization application or custom form, Payment Services must approve the alternative method before it is implemented.

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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