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What’s New on FMX?

“What’s New” Archive

USAS Budget Entries and Appropriation Schedules Due

Enter fiscal 2022 appropriation budgets into USAS and submit all required documentation by July 30. Entry into USAS and CAPPS can begin July 1.

Budget entry and documentation submission must be complete before appropriation control officers can approve a budget setup. State agencies and institutions of higher education are encouraged to use the provided Excel spreadsheets for completing the required schedules.

See Establishing Appropriations by Method of Finance, Rider, Capital Budget and Transfer Schedules (FPP A.020) for schedule spreadsheets, instructions, definitions, examples and the special requirements for unobligated balances.

Reminder – Quarterly GR Reimbursement Due for Statewide Allocated Costs

The third-quarter general revenue (GR) reimbursement deadline for statewide allocated costs for agencies listed in Fiscal 2020 Statewide Cost Allocation Summary of Fixed Costs by Agency is June 30.

See General Revenue Reimbursement for Statewide Allocated Costs (FPP A.022) for instructions, contacts and forms.

Employee Organization Membership Fee Changes

Effective June 20, amendments to the Texas Administrative Code are changing the process for deduction authorization and cancellation forms for membership fees to employee organizations. See Employee Organization Membership Fees for more information.

Batch Number Reservation

Agencies have the option of reserving batch numbers for the exclusive use of input record (INREC) files. The batch number reservation must be established on the USAS Titles (D53) Profile, Table ID EXBN, and prevents users from creating a batch ID directly in USAS through the Batch Header Entry (500) screen that uses a reserved batch number.

See ACR 60472 – USAS System Change for more information.

Certification for USAS Balances for Imprest, Petty Cash and Travel Advance Accounts Due

To ensure correct fiscal year-end USAS balances for imprest, petty cash and travel advance accounts, agencies authorized to maintain these accounts are required to certify that USAS balances and agency computed balances (cash plus outstanding reimbursements) agree. Only cash accounts with balances created from funds in the state’s treasury are subject to this requirement.

The certification is due July 9. All corrections must be entered in USAS by July 23.

See USAS Balances for Imprest, Petty Cash and Travel Advance Accounts (FPP A.045) for more information including how to request access to the Petty Cash Certification web application and complete the forms.

CAPPS User Group Webinars

A CAPPS HR/Payroll user group webinar will be held June 22, 9-11 a.m.

A CAPPS Financials user group webinar will be held June 24, 9-11 a.m.

See CAPPS HR/Payroll User Group Meetings or CAPPS Financials User Group Meetings for information. The agenda and meeting materials will be posted one day before the meeting.

CAPPS IAM/TDIS Self-Paced Training

A CAPPS IAM/TDIS self-paced learning course is now available on CAPPS Training. This course is available to all users and includes step-by-step instructions for completing the initial enrollment process and using the self-service features in the TDIS employee dashboard. The course includes PDF versions of course material and exercise guides.

BlueZone Web-to-Host Upgrade Postponed

Customers using BlueZone Web-to-Host 5.2 may continue using this version until further notice. We recommend that you upgrade to Web-to-Host 7.1 at your earliest convenience; see Requirements for Transmitting Comptroller Information (FPP N.007) (login required) for more information and installation instructions. The Comptroller’s office will announce the new decommission date for Web-to-Host 5.2 shortly.

Reminder – Veteran Workforce Summary Reports Due

June 15 is the maintenance and corrections deadline for the fiscal 2021 third quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Reports (March 1 to May 31). Copies of the quarterly reports will be sent by electronic file transfer (EFT) on June 16. The online quarterly report acknowledgment form (with required complaint reporting included) will be available June 16 and must be submitted by June 23.

See Veteran Workforce Summary Reports and Veteran Complaint Reporting (FPP F.038) for more information.