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What’s New on FMX?

“What’s New” Archive

Super Security Delete Request Form Change

Effective July 15, a new version of the Super Security Delete Request form (73-310) is available.

The new version includes:

  • Ability to enter ranges for batch sequence numbers and document suffix numbers.
  • Removal of the reason codes.
  • Expansion to 11 rows for entering super security delete (SSD) transaction details.
  • Addition of an alternative contact for the SSD request.

Follow the instructions on Page 2 of the form to enter the appropriate values in each field.

Note: To complete the form electronically, download it to your computer and open the form with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Do not complete the form using your internet browser.

Previous versions of the SSD form will be rejected by USAS Maintenance after July 31.

See USAS Internal Transaction File Maintenance and Super Security Delete Process (FPP Q.001) for more information.

Email or contact your agency’s appropriation control officer with questions.

Accounting Policy Meeting

An accounting policy meeting will be held July 18, 10 a.m. – noon. Attend the presentation in person or via online webinar.

See the Accounting Policy Meetings page for more information.

Note: For the webinar, use Google Chrome as the internet browser to avoid Webex compatibility issues.

Earned Federal Funds Collections

Earned federal funds that agencies deposit into Appropriation 70000 in amounts above the level identified in the General Appropriations Act (GAA) are appropriated, subject to certain conditions and deadlines.

See Appropriation Authority for Earned Federal Fund Collections Above the Annual Level in Earned Federal Funds and Indirect Cost Reimbursements to the General Revenue Fund (APS 023) (FPP A.017) for conditions and deadlines.

Contact your agency’s appropriation control officer with questions.

HRIS Reappointment Reporting

Institutions of higher education must report certain information about jobs and reappointments at the beginning of each fiscal year. Submit reappointment information via electronic file transfer (EFT) by:

  • Sept. 4: EFT #1 — Class codes and carriers.
  • Sept. 9: EFT #2 — Reappointments for fiscal 2025.
  • Sept. 11: EFT #3 — Terminations for fiscal 2024.

The HRIS September maintenance deadline is Oct. 7. See HRIS Higher Education Reporting Procedures for Reappointments (FPP M.003) for reappointment details and instructions.

Hotel Occupancy Tax Refund Reports

Agencies that reimburse employees for state-related hotel stays are due a refund for hotel occupancy taxes. USAS automatically generates the refunds each quarter.

The hotel occupancy tax refund for June through July will be available Aug. 9 on DAFR8190 and DAFR8200.

See Hotel Occupancy Tax Quarterly Refund (FPP B.006) for more information.

Reminder – Quarterly GR Reimbursement Due for Statewide Allocated Costs

General revenue (GR) reimbursement deadlines for statewide allocated costs for agencies listed in Fiscal 2023 Agency Statewide Cost Allocation Plan by Method of Finance are:

  • July 26 – First- and second-quarter payments due.
  • Aug. 30 – Third- and fourth-quarter payments due.

See General Revenue Reimbursement for Statewide Allocated Costs (FPP A.022) for instructions.

Reminder – USAS Budget Entries and Appropriation Schedules Due

Agencies must enter fiscal 2025 appropriation budgets in USAS and submit all required documentation by July 31.

Budget entry and documentation submission must be complete before appropriation control officers can approve a budget setup.

See Establishing Appropriations by Method of Finance, Rider, Capital Budget and Transfer Schedules (FPP A.020) for more information including schedules, instructions, definitions and samples.

New Overtime Rule Blocked

A federal district court has issued an injunction that blocks the enforcement of the Department of Labor’s new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rule for Texas government employees. For more information, see Federal Overtime Changes Effective July 1, 2024.

Note: The Comptroller of Public Accounts does not provide guidance on FLSA, overtime exemptions or related employment law issues.

GASB Questionnaires Due

All general revenue (GR) consolidated and full reporting agencies must complete and submit every Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) questionnaire by Aug. 15.

The GASB Questionnaires page on the AFR website provides:

  • Links to each GASB questionnaire.
  • Descriptions and PDF previews of each GASB questionnaire.
  • Links for more information specific to each GASB statement.

Contact your agency’s financial reporting analyst with questions about any GASB questionnaire.

TINS Application to Report Indebtedness

State agencies and institutions of higher education reporting state debts to TINS must semiannually review contact information for each assigned hold reason code. If the information displayed on the TINS Agency Hold Reason Inquiry (RSNINQ) screen requires updates, submit a separate Application to Report Indebtedness form for each hold reason code requiring updates. See Application to Report Indebtedness on TexPayment Resource for the form and more information.

Contact Payment Services with questions.