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USAS Balances for Imprest, Petty Cash and Travel Advance Accounts

FPP A.045

Petty Cash Certification Web Application

In June of each year, the Petty Cash Certification Web application is available to reconcile and certify USAS and agency balances as described in the Instructions section below.


Contact your agency security coordinator to request access.


The May 31, 2021, balances are presented in the Petty Cash Certification Web application by USAS cash account within each appropriated fund.

Each agency with USAS balances must:

  1. Log in to the Petty Cash Certification Web application, choose the agency to reconcile and click Reconciliation Form.
  2. In the Agency Books column, record the amount of cash your agency has in the bank, safe or lockbox; also provide an aging of outstanding reimbursements for each account. Two automatic calculations take place:
    • The Agency Books amount automatically calculates as the sum of the cash in the bank, safe or lockbox plus all outstanding reimbursements.
    • The Discrepancy column automatically calculates as the difference between Agency Books and USAS Balance.
  3. In the COMMENTS field, provide an explanation for any discrepancy. Agencies with imprest accounts in USAS must also use this COMMENTS field to describe the purpose of the account and how it is used.
  4. After submitting the reconciliation form, complete and submit the certification form. Certifications are due by July 9, 2021.
  5. Enter all corrections into USAS* by July 23, 2021, to ensure accurate balances are recorded in USAS as of Aug. 31.

    Discrepancies between the agency’s books and USAS may be the result of documents processed in USAS that have coding errors in the COBJ. Refer to USAS Profile Review and Cleanup Procedures (FPP A.031) for correct coding procedures.

*Note to CAPPS agencies: CAPPS agencies that track Petty Cash Appropriation 94992 will enter USAS corrections as stated above in Step 5 of the Instructions, along with manual entries into the CAPPS system.

*Note to agencies: No corrections and/or adjustments should be made to Imprest, Petty Cash, and Travel Advance Accounts after the deadline listed in Step 5 (July 23, 2021), as these corrections will affect balances recorded in USAS and in the State of Texas Annual Cash Report.