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Accounting Policy Meeting Scheduled for May 23

An accounting policy meeting will be held May 23, 2 – 4 p.m. in the William B. Travis Building, Room 1-111.

See the Accounting Policy Meeting page for the agenda and webinar instructions.

Reminder – Agencies Must Request Unclaimed Funds by May 31

Unclaimed property turned over to the state includes property that may belong to state agencies or institutions of higher education. If agencies and institutions do not claim property after an annual notification, the Comptroller’s office deposits the money into unappropriated General Revenue (GR). Currently held property will be swept into GR if not claimed by May 31.

See the Unclaimed Property Annual Notification for more, including contact information for the Comptroller’s Unclaimed Property Division.


Annual Financial Report

Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports (AFRs)

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GASB Questionaires

All simplified and full reporting agencies are required to complete and submit every GASB Questionnaire each fiscal year. All GASB Questionnaires are currently closed for Fiscal Year 2017.


Financial Reporting 45-Day Calendar

5/31/2018   Deadline for Claiming Agency Unclaimed Property Before it is Swept into GR
6/30/2018   Enter Third Quarter Encumbrances and Payables into USAS and Submit Certification
  Cost Allocation Entries and Bookkeeping Error Corrections Due


Annual Financial Report Update Training

Fiscal Management offers a variety of training. Explore your options at Training Center.