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ProjectONE Report to the 82nd Legislature

Appendix E: Project-related Financial Information

Comptroller of Public Accounts ProjectONE Ongoing Maintenance and Support Costs 2012-13 Exceptional Items Request

As a result of recent changes in project scope, this request (shown below) is being revised and will be resubmitted.

LBB Category Code 2012 2013 Total Description
Professional Fees and Services maintaining $10,662,884 $11,012,884 $21,675,768 Contractor costs for the ERP system
Utilities $323,883 $25,320 $349,203 Server costs
Other Operating Expenses $6,078,100 $6,760,622 $12,838,722 Hardware and software maintenance and software license fees.

Note: We are contractually obligated to pay Oracle license and maintenance fees (at a cost of $6.8 million for the 2012-13 biennium) over the next five years.
Capital Expenditures $5,000,000 $0 $5,000,000 Additional hardware and software needed to establish a maintenance environment for continuing software updates, upgrades, troubleshooting and backup purposes outside of the production environment.
Total $22,064,867 $17,798,826 $39,863,693  

Note: In order to provide necessary ongoing maintenance and support to the agencies that have converted to CAPPS, the Comptroller’s office is requesting $39.9 million in exceptional items for the fiscal 2012-13 biennium. This request will enable the agency to provide ongoing services to support the system, including hardware, software, maintenance and disaster recovery services. CAPPS development was funded by interagency contracts (IACs) with participating agencies. In order to better manage and support implementation efforts completed in phase one, consolidating the funding in one agency for the maintenance and support phase is consistent with similar statewide initiatives implemented by the Comptroller’s office in the past, including the Uniform Statewide Accounting System and the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System.

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