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ProjectONE Report to the 82nd Legislature

Appendix B: Accomplishments to Date

Following is a detailed listing of ProjectONE accomplishments as of December 2010.

  • Procured a statewide perpetual PeopleSoft license based on 160,000 FTEs.
  • Negotiated and signed contracts for implementation services (Deloitte Consulting) and project oversight (Salvaggio, Teal and Associates) in November 2009. Also established interagency contracts with each of the participating agencies detailing the services to be provided by the Comptroller’s office, the cost of the services and roles and responsibilities of the participants.
  • Formally launched the ERP effort on December 8, 2009, with a kickoff meeting for participating agency and project team staff. Comptroller Susan Combs delivered the opening remarks and announced the project name, ProjectONE. Agency Steering Committee representatives James Bass (TxDOT CFO), Charlotte Willis (HHSC Deputy CIO) and Bob Saathoff (DIR CFO) also addressed the group.
  • Established an issues and risk management process to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely manner and risks are closely monitored and appropriately mitigated before they become issues.
  • Established a knowledge transfer plan so PeopleSoft knowledge and skills are transitioned from contract staff to state staff throughout the course of the project. This will develop the Comptroller’s internal support capability and increase capacity to lead subsequent change efforts more efficiently and effectively.
  • Conducted a Value Proposition Assessment with DIR and TxDOT to identify opportunities for gains in the areas of procurement, contracts, projects, grants, HR and payroll. The assessment identified seven value categories including increased transparency, standardization and productivity, business process improvement, increased operational effectiveness and efficiency, improved customer service and enhanced accountability. Examples of potential gains include eliminating redundant tasks, reducing the number of manual processes, eliminating dual entry systems, reducing processing times and creating more complete audit trails.
  • Established statewide standards for data field use and a standard set of account numbers to serve as the basis for detailed financial reporting across the enterprise.
  • During July and August 2010, prioritized the customizations identified in Fit/Gap workshops. Customizations are changes to PeopleSoft software that accommodate specific statewide or agency needs. Prioritization ranked the possible customizations to balance the level of effort needed to create them and the overall benefit they would provide to the state. Those customizations ranked as “must haves” or mandatory were approved for development. Customizations that ranked lower were deferred to future implementations.
  • Created a comprehensive 508 (TAC 206 & 213) accessibility compliance checklist that will be used in testing the system.
  • Compared ISAS Modification Documentation to ProjectONE Gaps and identified ISAS modifications that would address ProjectONE Gaps, thereby saving thousands of hours of development effort. This work reflects one of the guiding principles of the project: don’t throw out existing tools or procedures that work well.
  • Completed functional specifications for financials customizations needed for Release 1.
  • Completed technical design specifications for more than 200 reports.
  • Completed 80 percent of the technical specifications and 50 percent of coding and unit testing for Release 1 customizations.
  • Completed a security strategy document outlining the policies governing CAPPS security, as well as detailing user roles and permission lists for each financial module.
  • Completed technical environment design, installation and set-up.