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CAPPS Financials Year-End Processing Instructions

Issued: July 1, 2015
Updated: June 30, 2023 – View Changes

FPP T.001


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Aug. 31 - Sept. 5, 2023

Please see CAPPS Financials Fiscal Year-End Schedule.


Please contact your agency’s CAPPS support staff.

Authorized agency support staff may contact the CAPPS help desk at (512) 463-2277 for additional assistance.


Applicable to

State agencies using the Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS) Financials application.


CAPPS Financials agencies must follow this Fiscal Policy and Procedure and the deadlines in the:

Changes to This Document
Date Updates
06/30/2023 Updated for fiscal 2023
07/01/2022 Updated for fiscal 2022
07/02/2021 Updated for fiscal 2021
07/02/2020 Updated for fiscal 2020
07/08/2019 Updated for fiscal 2019