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Fiscal Management Agency Contacts Update Process

Issued: May 4, 2012
Updated: May 28, 2019 – View Changes

FPP C.021


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If you need to review the contacts Fiscal Management has on file for you, please email


Applicable to

State agencies, institutions of higher education and junior colleges


Twice a year, Fiscal Management asks you to review and update your contact information to ensure our communications reach the right people.

Note: Security coordinators for agencies and institutions are not included in this process. See How to Appoint a Security Coordinator.

Important Considerations

  • Your agency should have at least one person listed on each applicable contact list.
  • Your agency may have multiple contacts for each list, unless otherwise noted.
  • If the same person is the contact for more than one category, submit one form and note the other relevant list(s) in the Special Instructions section. Do not submit multiple forms for the same person.
  • If your agency provides a group email address (such as "direct.deposit @") we still require an individual’s name and phone number as your contact. Enter the group email address instead of the individual's email address.
  • Any other people at your agency who would like to receive notifications from Fiscal Management can sign up for our email subscriptions.
  • Please allow two weeks for your changes to take effect.
  • Limit the number of Agency Security Coordinators for your agency to the fewest possible for your operations.

Submit Changes

Changes should be submitted by each due date and as your information changes.

Submit changes with this Contact List Update form.

What We Do With Contact Information

Subscribers and people on our contact lists receive information about all new or updated policies and procedures through FMXtra, our weekly e-newsletter.

We also send out special notices to specific groups via targeted emails. Keeping each contact list current ensures your agency or institution receives all necessary communications from Fiscal Management.

The Interagency Transaction, Property Manager and Paying Agency contact lists are published on FMX for reference by other agencies and payees. The Security Coordinator (Comptroller user ID required) contact list is available to agency employees with mainframe security.

Changes to This Document
Date Updates
05/28/2019 Moved How to Appoint a Security Coordinator to FPP K.015
08/16/2018 Updated Important Considerations and Security Coordinator Duties