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Fiscal Management Agency Contacts Update Process

Issued: May 4, 2012
Updated: Aug. 16, 2018 – View Changes

FPP C.021

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Applicable to

State agencies, institutions of higher education and junior colleges


Twice a year, Fiscal Management requests you to review and update your contact information. We may have incorrect or missing information for your state agency or institution of higher education and want to ensure our communications are sent to the correct contacts.

Note: Security coordinators for agencies and institutions are not included in this process. See How to Appoint a Security Coordinator.

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Important Considerations

  • Your agency should have at least one person listed on each applicable contact list. Certain contact lists are limited to only one contact per agency, and some do not apply to all agencies.
  • If the same person is the contact for more than one category, simply note the other responsibilities in the Special Instructions section. There is no need to submit multiple forms for the same person.
  • You may wish to provide us with a group email address (such as "direct.deposit @") that more than one person accesses for some functions. However, we still require an individual's name and phone number as your contact. Please enter the group email address instead of the individual's email address.
  • Are there other people at your agency who would like to receive notifications from Fiscal Management? If so, they can sign up for our email subscriptions.
  • Please allow two days for your changes to take effect.
  • The number of Agency Security Coordinators for an agency should be limited to only the quantity necessary to effectively support operations.

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Submit Changes

Changes should be submitted by the requested due date and as your information changes.

If you have changes, please use this form to submit them.

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How to Appoint a Security Coordinator

The chief fiscal officer or next highest appropriate person of each agency or institution must email the Comptroller’s Access Management team at to appoint a security coordinator and backups.


The appointed security coordinators must:

  • Be directly employed by the agency or institution as a full-time equivalent (FTE)
  • Have a good understanding of segregation of duties
  • Have access to your agency subject matter experts/managers for access questions and approvals
  • Attend the Security Coordinator Administration webinar within the first 90 days of being appointed

The following information must be included for the appointee(s):

  • Employee’s name
  • Comptroller-assigned user ID (or submit a request to create the new user ID)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Name of the security coordinator being replaced, if applicable
  • A complete list of all active security coordinators for the agency or institution reflecting the change(s)

Security Coordinator Duties

Security coordinators need to:

  • Become familiar with the data privacy and safeguard rules and security coordinator responsibilities contained in the Texas Administrative Code
  • Obtain a signed Confidential Treatment of Information Acknowledgement (CTIA) form before requesting user access to the statewide systems (Copies must be kept on file for five years after the user’s termination date)
  • Submit requests to the Comptroller’s office to authorize or change access
  • Submit requests for removal/inactivation of access for a user ID when the user terminates employment, transfers to another state agency or no longer requires access — such requests must be made in a timely manner (preferably no later than the user’s last day of performing their duties)
  • Reactivate user IDs and passwords for users within the security coordinator’s scope of authority
  • Revoke user IDs and passwords as necessary
  • Certify that the agency records are up to date through a semiannual security verification process
  • Serve as the point of contact when a security incident occurs
  • Keep the security coordinator’s own user ID active

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What We Do With This Information

All new or updated policies and procedures are disseminated to subscribers and those on our contact lists through FMXtra, our weekly e-newsletter.

We also send out special information to specific groups via targeted emails. Keeping each contact list current ensures your agency or institution receives all necessary communications from Fiscal Management.

The Interagency Transaction, Property Manager and Paying Agency contact lists are published on FMX for reference as needed by other agencies and payees. The Security Coordinator (Comptroller user ID required) contact list is available to agency employees with mainframe security.

Changes to this Document
08/16/2018 Updated Important Considerations and Security Coordinator Duties.
06/29/2012 Updated to FPP format and added security coordinator information.
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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