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Fiscal Management Agency Contacts Update Process

FPP C.021

Important Considerations

  • Your agency should have at least one person listed on each applicable contact list. Certain contact lists are limited to only one contact per agency, and some do not apply to all agencies.
  • If the same person is the contact for more than one category, simply note the other responsibilities in the Special Instructions section. There is no need to submit multiple forms for the same person.
  • You may wish to provide us with a group email address (such as "direct.deposit @") that more than one person accesses for some functions. However, we still require an individual's name and phone number as your contact. Please enter the group email address instead of the individual's email address.
  • Are there other people at your agency who would like to receive notifications from Fiscal Management? If so, they can sign up for our email subscriptions.
  • Please allow two days for your changes to take effect.
  • The number of Agency Security Coordinators for an agency should be limited to only the quantity necessary to effectively support operations.
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