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Report 951 ERS Daily Input File Diagnostic

This report is the product of a program in USPS that compares data sent from the ERS Daily Insurances Change file to the prescribed format that is required for each field on that file. This process is run prior to creating Report 999, Daily Insurance Report.

If the ERS Daily Insurance Change file has any data that is not in the prescribed format for a specific field this program will produce a W – warning or an F – fail error message for that field on the report. Transactions with F messages will not be applied to Group Insurance/TexFlex Participant Information HMTU1 screen. These errors can then be worked by the agency in ERS OnLine. If ERS combines two nights Daily Insurances Change files into one file an internal file count error may occur causing this report to display 999-99-9999 in the employee SSN field. In this case, the records sent by ERS have processed, but the control totals records do not match what the USPS program totals. This does not mean that the information sent for that days file is in error, only the control totals records do not match.

ERS receives all of the agencies errors on the ERS Daily Input File Diagnostic Report 950 sent to ERS daily. This report informs ERS of any agencies errors that were reported to the agency on Report 951. This process also creates Financial Adjustment Report 572.

Report Criteria

Category Benefit Administration
Distribution Agency
Frequency Nightly
Sort Sequence
Options HØXCR
Employee Number
Organization Code, Employee Number
Page Break  
Databases Used  
Selection Criteria Transactions that do not match format for ERS Daily File.
Produce Output? Yes
Request Screen Not request able by the agencies.
Posting Report? No
Additional Notes  

Report Headings

Displays the employee's organization Code.
Displays the effective date of the report.
Display the employee's name.
Displays the employee's SSN.
Displays the name of the field being changed.
Displays the incorrect value that was sent on the file.
Displays the reason by the record was rejected.

Sample Report

    REPORT:   951                             UNIFORM STATEWIDE PAYROLL/PERSONNEL SYSTEM                             PAGE:     1    
    AGENCY:   XXX                                XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                             RUN DATE: XX/XX/20XX
                                                      ERS DAILY INPUT FILE DIAGNOSTIC                           RUN TIME: 19:15:36  
                                                          AS OF 09/08/20XX      

EMPLOYEE                   EMPLOYEE         FIELD                         INVALID          EXCEPTION                               
NAME                       SSN              NAME                          VALUE            REASON                                  
X                          XXX-XX-XXXX      PART SEX CODE                                  W-INVALID SEX CODE VALUE                
X                          XXX-XX-XXXX      PART BIRTH DATE                                F-INVALID BIRTH DATE FORMAT             
X                          XXX-XX-XXXX      PART FIRST ELIGIBIL DATE                       F-INVALID FIRST ELIGIBILITY DATE FORMAT 
RECORDS REJECTED:  000000010  RECORDS ACCEPTED:  000000229  RECORDS PROCESSED: 000000239 RECORDS WARNINGS: 000000001               
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