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USPS Reports Guide

Issued: Dec. 16, 2005
Updated: Jan. 10, 2020 – View Changes

FPP R.020

Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) provides the information on payroll, staffing, employee benefits activity, and personnel actions required by the management and accounting functions of state agencies.

Additionally, some reports update and clear data accumulators or transmit data to various entities, such as the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) and the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

This guide will help you understand and use the reports generated by USPS. This guide presents report information in alphanumerical order, from Report 003 to Report 3012.

You will find the following information for each report:

  • Overview and report criteria, providing general information for selecting and requesting the report you need. Includes sort, parameter and database information.
  • Report headings, defining the information printed under each heading on the report. Use this section to interpret the data on the report.
  • A copy of the report (if printed output was available).
Changes to This Document
Date Updates
05/08/2020 Updated to include changes to reports in response to FFCRA legislation
01/10/2020 ACR 60323 affected Report 010, Report 024 and Report 3011
08/31/2018 ACR 60309 affected Report 515
05/05/2017 Updated Report 058 – Form 941 Worksheet
07/26/2016 Deleted report 180
02/08/2016 ACR 60015 affected Report 978
01/29/2016 ACR 60076 created Report 957 and affected Report 572 and Report 959
09/02/2014 ACR 44753 created Report 956 and ACR 44681 affected Report 959
12/12/2013 ACR 43926 affected Report 058 and Report 185
09/03/2013 ACR 44024 affected Report 185, Report 189, Report 190, Report192, Report 959 and Report 961
05/31/2013 ACR 43850 affected Report 56 and Report 58
05/01/2013 Deleted report 033