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ACR 27575 – USPS System Change
April 17, 2010


ACR 27575 modifies the Leave Accounting module of the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) effective April 17, 2010.


Agencies have been required to monitor the awarding of employee wellness and emergency fitness leave to ensure an employee did not receive more than the maximum allowed in a given period. Agencies have also been responsible for manually tracking the expiration of certain leave types.


USPS has been modified to prevent the award of more than 16 hours of emergency fitness leave each calendar year and the award of employee wellness leave more than once within any 12-month period with a maximum of eight hours.

Fatal messages will be issued on the HM9U1 (Employee Leave Request) screen if an agency attempts to enter a leave request that would award an employee more than the maximum amount allowed. Report 515 (Leave Accounting Batch Upload Listing) has also been modified to reject transactions that would award an employee more than the maximum amount allowed during a given period.

Report 597 (Actual/Forecasted Time Forfeiture as of MM/DD/CCYY) has been modified to allow employee wellness and compensatory disaster leave to expire after 12 months and to allow compensatory emergency leave to expire after 18 months. Messages will appear on Report 537 (Employee Leave Summary) when the leave is lost or about to expire if the two reports are requested on the same day.

Report 563 (Employee Leave Balances) has also been modified to give agencies the flexibility to choose optional leave balances to display on the report. The report will always display overtime, administrative, holiday compensatory, regular compensatory, vacation and sick leave balances, but an agency can choose to display up to five additional leave balances.

Agencies can submit a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to update the HMAU1 (Agency Leave Rules) screen to indicate their choice of the additional leave balances to include on Report 563.

Screens affected

  • HM9U1 (Employee Leave Request)
  • HMAU1 (Agency Leave Rules)

Reports affected

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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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