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Post-FYE Rollover Activities

FPP T.003

Post-FYE Rollover Activities

Sept. 1 Job Data

Validate that all employees have been appropriately updated for the new fiscal year, which includes verifying that:

  • All active employees have an action reason F24 row.
  • Employees have been returned to disciplinary reduction (action reason 027) or temporary assignment (action reason 041), as applicable.
  • Employees whose terminations are effective Sept. 1 or earlier do not have a Sept. 1 F24 row.

Note: If employees who terminated Sept. 1, 2023, or earlier were rolled into the new fiscal year, the applicable Sept. 1 actions must be deleted before entering the Sept. 1 or earlier effective-dated terminations.

Note: Terminations or other events that occur during the outage can be accommodated when the system is back up on Sept. 5, 2023.

Benefit Elections

The Employees Retirement System (ERS) is expected to provide CAPPS the 100% Open Enrollment file on Sept. 5. After the file has been received, review the CAPPS ERS Inbound Results page and compare a sample of your employee election changes to the source data in ERS OnLine to validate employee benefit elections.

Salary Actions

Process any salary actions dated effective Sept. 1 to ensure the Sept. 1 annual base benefit rate (ABBR) or insurance salary will be correctly calculated by CAPPS.


  • CAPPS will submit the Sept. 1 insurance salary files to ERS for all CAPPS Central agencies.
  • CAPPS will produce the Sept. 1 ABBR file and transmit the data multiple times during September.
    • If ERS rejects the insurance salary sent on the CAPPS file, ERS will create an error file. The error file will be made available to the agencies and the CAPPS team by ERS. CAPPS will work with each agency to address the errors.
    • A final file will be generated at the end of the month ahead of the ERS deadline to send and/or change the Sept. 1 insurance salary in ERS OnLine.
    • Agencies will need to coordinate any changes required after this time with ERS.
    • If approved through the ERS process, the ERS insurance salary in CAPPS must be manually updated.


Complete execution of September payrolls. This includes running the Pre-Distribution Audit Report (PDAR) to validate payroll funding against fiscal year budget load.

Note: Any PDAR exceptions must be resolved before confirming the September payroll.

Time and Labor

The time and labor (TL) procedures are required to complete the FYE process.

Note: It is important to complete processing in the following order.

Annual-to-Sick Leave Conversion

The annual-to-sick leave fiscal year conversion process may be run on a date determined by the agency. It is recommended that all August activity be completed before running the process. The sooner the process is run, the less manual evaluation and entry will be needed.

Note: As a reminder, agencies should run the annual-to-sick leave fiscal year conversion process before running the Leave Liability report in CAPPS to ensure that the data reported reflects the most accurate liability.

  • Notify your employees of the deadline by which they must enter all annual leave entries with dates before Sept. 1, 2023.
  • Before processing a lump-sum payment for an employee whose termination effective date is Sept. 1, 2023, or later, agencies must evaluate annual leave balances to determine if a manual conversion is necessary. This step is not applicable if the annual-to-sick leave conversion has already been processed.
  • Complete the annual-to-sick leave conversion process.

Leave Liability Report

  • Agencies that deployed CAPPS before fiscal 2023 are able to run the Leave Liability report in CAPPS.
  • Agencies that deployed in May 2023 will receive their Leave Liability report information (previously retrieved from the USPS Compensable Leave report) from the CAPPS help desk support staff no later than Friday, Sept. 8, 2023.

Note: Starting in 2024, agencies that deployed in May 2023 will be able to run the Leave Liability report in CAPPS.

Sick/Family Leave Pool

  • Ensure all sick/family leave pool activity is up to date and run the sick/family leave pool fiscal year process to update balances for the fiscal year. The sick and family leave pool processes are run separately.
  • The process must be rerun any time retroactive prior fiscal year sick/family leave pool actions are entered in TL.

Emergency Leave Reporting

  • Emergency leave reporting for fiscal 2023 is due Oct. 1, 2023.
  • On Sept. 22, 2023, Fiscal Management staff will load leave data to the Emergency Leave Reporting web application on your behalf, based on the leave data captured in CAPPS. Please review and validate the reported leave information before completing the certification statement. If you need any changes to the reported information, you must make correcting entries in the applicable system, then contact the CAPPS help desk to reload to the web application.
  • The Comptroller’s office encourages you to run the TX_TL_SB73_EMERGENCY_LEAVE_RPT query before Sept. 22 and the emergency leave data upload to ensure you can certify by the Oct. 1 deadline.

Note: For agencies that deployed in May 2023, emergency leave data recorded in USPS or provided during deployment (for agencies not using USPS leave accounting) was converted to CAPPS and will be included in the CAPPS query.

For more information, including instructions for accessing the application and requesting security, see Emergency Leave Reporting Requirements (FPP F.040).

Military Rollover

Complete the military rollover process after the federal fiscal year ends on Sept. 30. Ensure all military leave has been entered before running the rollover process in October or November 2023.