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SPA Phase-Out Plan

Over the next few years, the Comptroller’s office will be retiring the SPA system and transitioning state agencies to CAPPS. Statewide asset management and required capital asset financial reporting will be accomplished using:

  • The CAPPS Asset Management (AM) module for both CAPPS Central and CAPPS Hub agencies
  • The Capital Asset Note Submission System (CANSS) and
  • A new custom-built Capital Asset Transfer System (CATS)

SPA will remain the state’s capital asset system of record during the transition, and all agencies — including those currently reporting to CAPPS — will be required to interface with SPA.

Read more about the transition from SPA to CAPPS on FMX.

Reminder: Supplemental Confidential Data Prohibited in TINS Addresses

It is the agency’s responsibility to verify that the payee name and address fields do not include any supplemental confidential data before submitting the payment to the Comptroller’s office. The agency must remove supplemental confidential data from these fields in TINS and USAS before payment. For more information, see the Confidential Information section of TexPayment Resource.

If you have questions or need an extract of mail codes your agency has established or paid, please contact the Payment Services Help Desk at (512) 936-8138 or


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