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Statewide Payroll/Personnel Reports Guide

FPP D.002

Security Access and Report Download Requirements

All statewide reports are available via electronic file transfer (EFT). Employees must have security access to retrieve reports from the Comptroller’s office.

Security access is granted only after the Comptroller’s security section receives a request from your security coordinator (Comptroller user ID required) for authorization to download statewide reports.

After security is granted, the specific steps necessary to download reports depend on an agency’s or institution’s internal software products.

Report notifications

Notifications announcing dates reports should be retrieved are listed approximately one week in advance in the Comptroller’s Fiscal Management Division FMXtra weekly e-newsletter.

Reports should be retrieved from the daily download print file between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on the date they are available.

If you have problems downloading reports

The Comptroller’s System Input/Output (SIO) Group can assist with problems encountered when retrieving reports. Contact the Comptroller’s help desk at:

Note: Please request the “SIO Group” in your call or email to the help desk.