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Equal Employment Opportunity Report – Hiring Practices for the Fiscal Year for State Agencies and Institutions

FPP F.016

2022 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Report Correction Instructions, Legend of Codes, Selection Criteria and Supporting Detail File Format for USPS Agencies

This report is available with your daily downloads according to the Calendar in this FPP.

Correction Instructions

If you find any errors in the data that was extracted from USPS in your agency’s EEO report, use the following online procedures to make corrections.

The HNHUE screen displays all assignment records for each employee, sorted by effective date. If you make corrections to any current data, be sure to also update all history records. Make corrections as follows:

If the error is … Then …
The employee’s EEO job category
  • The employee’s current record on HMPHR is incorrect; correct it using reason code 038.
  • The EEO job category code is incorrect in the employee’s prior history record on HNHU1; correct the HNHUE screen online.
The employee’s race or sex code Correct the error online on the HIDU1 screen. Remember the race code of “Other” is not valid.
The employee type (RF, RP, TF, TP) and/or assigned work hours Submit a letter of authorization to your USPS representative for any current (HMPHR) or historical (HNHU1) corrections, using the actual effective date of the change and/or correction.

You must complete all corrections for the report period by 7 p.m. on Oct. 25, 2022.

If you need help entering data corrections online in USPS, contact your USPS representative or call the help desk at (512) 463-4008.

Legend of Codes (Reporting Period: Sept. 1, 2021, through Aug. 31, 2022)

EEO-4 Job Categories

Click on any column heading to sort by that column.
Job Code as Reported
and on Report
Job Description
A Officials/Administrators
C Administrative Support
M Service/Maintenance
P Professionals
Q Paraprofessionals
R Protective Services
S Skilled Craft
T Technicians

EEO Race Codes

Click on any column heading to sort by that column.
Race Code Description
IAmerican Indian or Alaskan Native
PNative Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
MTwo or More Races

Selection Criteria

  1. Employee type must be regular full time or regular part time.
  2. Categories listed include total number of employees, Caucasian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, other Americans, males and females. Columns display the total number of males and females in the workforce for Caucasian Americans, African Americans and Hispanic Americans by job category code.
  3. The EEO job category code reflected in the new hire section is determined by the EEO value reported at the time of hire.
  4. An employee’s EEO status in the Workforce Detail and Summary Reports is determined by using the EEO job category code for a full-time or part-time position in the most current report period.
  5. Regular full-time or part-time employees who are active anytime during the report period are counted in the total workforce figures.
  6. Reason codes 010, 012 and LEG (legislative transfers) are used to determine the new hire status.
  7. Employee records that reflect an H (HRIS), S (SPRS) or U (USPS) in the SYSTEM FLAG field are extracted from the system indicated.
  8. A regular full-time or part-time employee hired with one EEO job category code and changed to another EEO job category code in the same reporting period will be counted in the new hire figures with the original EEO job category code. The workforce figures will reflect the latest EEO job category for the reporting period.
  9. Any regular full-time or part-time employee who transfers to or is merged within another state agency due to legislation will be counted in the new hire figures and in the workforce figures.
  10. Any regular full-time or part-time employee who is terminated and returns in the same reporting period as a regular full-time or part-time employee will be counted in the new hire figures separately for each hiring occurrence and in the workforce figures separately for each period of employment.
  11. The New Hire and Workforce Detail Reports list regular full-time and part-time employees who are active anytime during the report period.
  12. Report excludes EEO job category codes E (elected officials) and O (elected officials’ staff) and job class codes BD25 and CP25.

Supporting Detail File Format

The file format for the supporting detail file for USPS agencies is shown below. This is a raw data file that allows agencies to write their own reporting programs and create custom reports.

Note: Records are first sorted into workforce and new hire records. Within these two groups the records are sorted by EEO job category code on report, race and sex.