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Authorization and Request Process for Data Changes to Statewide Payroll/Personnel Systems

FPP M.009

Requesting Data Changes to Statewide Payroll/Personnel Systems


When an agency cannot change data in HRIS, SPRS, USPS or CAPPS, an authorized employee may submit a Letter of Authorization for Data Changes form (73-313) PDF requesting the Comptroller’s office to make the change.

Note: See Authorizing Employees To Request Data Changes to Statewide Payroll/Personnel Systems in this FPP for the procedure to authorize employees to request changes.

Preparing a request

To request system data changes, you must use the Letter of Authorization for Data Changes form (73-313) PDF. The Comptroller’s office will not accept any other written or electronic document.

Step Action
1 Download and complete every field on the Letter of Authorization for Data Changes form (73-313) PDF

To specify the priority level on the form, check the appropriate box for either urgent or regular processing. A letter of authorization (LOA) is considered urgent when:
  • Due to a payroll-processing deadline, the change must be made immediately to prevent an incorrect payment.

    – or –

  • The change is needed to prevent the generation of an inaccurate report.

Note: The Comptroller’s office completes urgent requests within 12 system hours and regular requests within 24 system hours.

2 Assemble and attach all documentation that explains or justifies the need for your requested system changes. This helps the LOA processor understand the changes.

Documentation examples:

  • Screen prints showing error messages
  • Documentation supporting the payment
  • Written explanations

Send the form and supporting documentation via one of these methods:

  • Fax: (512) 475-0887
  • CAPPS HR/Payroll Central agency help desk ticketing system attachment (CAPPS Central agencies only)
  • Email as an encrypted attachment:

Note: See Confidential Information Must Be Encrypted Before Emailing to Fiscal Management (FPP D.004) for instructions on emailing confidential information.

Comptroller’s office approval

For each request, the Comptroller’s office:

  • Verifies the signature and
  • Reviews the form and supporting documentation to ensure the payment is consistent with state payroll and personnel policies and procedures.
If the request is … The Comptroller’s office…
Disapproved Contacts the submitter with an explanation of why it was not approved
Approved Completes the change and, if it is a back payment of compensation, notifies the agency to initiate payment