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Contact the state agency you are doing business with to request forms.



For assistance with payments, vendors should call the paying agency listed on the Paying Agency Contact List. If you need help determining which agency to contact or have other questions:

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Payment Options

Payees can choose to receive their state payments electronically (direct deposit) or as a warrant (state check).

Item Direct Deposit Warrant
Description Transactions are transmitted directly to your financial institution. Same as a traditional paper check with a stub attached.
  • Paperless, so there is less cost to you and the state.
  • No mail delays or lost checks.
  • Money starts working for you immediately.
  • Warrants are printed at the Comptroller’s office.
  • The warrant is sent to or picked up by the agency that owes the payee.
  • The agency then mails the warrant to the payee.
  • The payee deposits the warrant in a financial institution or cashes it at a check-cashing establishment.
Payment Information

Advance Payment Notification lets you know by email when a direct deposit payment has been processed before it posts to your account.

Upon request, your financial institution can provide Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) addenda information that may include up to:

  • 30 spaces for the an invoice number
  • 80 spaces for an invoice description
  • 9,999 lines of detail for multiple invoices

Advance Payment Notification lets you know by email when a warrant has been issued.

Payees receive stub information by mail along with the warrant. The warrant stub has:

  • 30 spaces for an invoice number
  • 35 spaces for an invoice description
  • Space to list up to eight invoices
There might not be enough space on the stub to show payment information for all of the transactions covered by the warrant. The agency making the payment might include additional information in the envelope with a warrant.
How to Sign Up Request a direct deposit authorization form from the paying state agency. Be sure that the agency has your correct mailing address.
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If you have questions about direct deposit or need help completing the form, please: