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Settlement and Judgment Processing Guidelines

FPP E.041

Sample Warrant Distribution Instruction Memo

Below is a sample warrant distribution instruction memo from the paying agency to the Comptroller’s office authorizing the release of warrants to the OAG courier for return to the OAG.

Note: The paying agency’s name must appear on letterhead.

DATE: 	 xx/xx/xxxx

TO: 	Comptroller’s Office, Fiscal Management Division, Warrant Window

FROM: 	(Paying Agency)

SUBJECT: Release Warrant(s) To Attorney General Runner For Hand Delivery To
	OAG Accounting Office

	OAG Accounting: (512) 475-4370	 OAG Courier: (512) 305-8770

	Fund	 Amount     Agency Voucher #     Assistant Attorney General
	0001     $1,000.00   ########             Jane Doe