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Settlement and Judgment Processing Guidelines

FPP E.041

Sample Warrant Distribution Instruction Memo

Below is a sample warrant distribution instruction memo from the paying agency to the Comptroller’s office authorizing the release of warrants to the Attorney General’s Office (OAG) courier for return to the OAG.

Note: The paying agency’s name must appear on letterhead.

DATE: 	 xx/xx/xxxx

TO: 	Comptroller’s Office, Fiscal Management Division, Warrant Window

FROM: 	(Paying Agency)

SUBJECT: Release Warrant(s) To Attorney General Runner For Hand Delivery To
	OAG Accounting Office

	OAG Accounting: (512) 475-4370	 OAG Courier: (512) 305-8770

	Fund	 Amount     Agency Voucher #     Assistant Attorney General
	0001     $1,000.00   ########             Jane Doe