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ACR 30661 – USPS System Change
Effective Feb. 1, 2012


ACR 30661 created deductions for Roth 401(k) and Roth 457 defined contributions in the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) effective Feb. 1, 2012.


House Bill 2283, 81st Legislature, Regular Session, provided authority to the Employees Retirement System (ERS) to allow employees the option in participate to a post-tax Roth 401(k) or Roth 457 defined contribution plan. USPS did not store a deduction for these defined contribution plans.


USPS will be modified to store and process two additional deduction numbers and two additional screens for Roth 401(k) and Roth 457. Screen HN1R1 (TexSaver Roth 401K Contribution) was created along with deduction number 51 to record Roth 401K contributions. Screen HN1R7 (Roth 457 Contribution) was created along with deduction number 58 to record Roth 457 contributions.

Roth deductions will display on Report 978 (ERS Transmitted DCP Election Changes) effective with the February 2012 payroll period. The system will use the existing 401K and 457 vendor on HMSU1 (Vendor and Product Information) for Roth 401K and Roth 457. Roth 401K will use transaction code 864 and Roth 457 will use transaction code 865.

Screens affected

New screens created

Reports affected

Reports retired

  • Report 173 (Annual Defined Contributions)
  • Report 176 (401K Participant Update)
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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