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ACR 60446 – Mask Account Numbers on Monthly Direct Deposit Reports
Effective March 26, 2021


Effective March 26, 2021, TINS Application Change Request (ACR) 60446 implements a new display that masks all but the last four digits of payees’ direct deposit account numbers on the monthly direct deposit reports.


The full account numbers used for direct deposit payments to state employees, state retirees and state payees are displayed on many statewide systems reports which could be used for other unintended purposes.


Mask the direct deposit account numbers and only display the last four digits on the direct deposit monthly reports. Masking the account number helps to minimize the risk for fraud on state payees’ payments while also allowing sufficient data to verify account number information. To protect confidential information where possible, the direct deposit account numbers are masked on the following monthly reports:

Updated TexPayment Resource pages

TINS 87220: Monthly Direct Deposit Listing – Vendors
TINS 87200: Monthly Direct Deposit Listing – Employees (SIC 9901)

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