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Restricted Expenditures — Organizations
Chamber of Commerce Membership Fees

A state agency may not join a chamber of commerce. However, a state agency may contract for services with a chamber of commerce if the agency has specific or implied statutory authority for the contract.

See also: Lobbying, Membership fees paid to professional organizations, and Membership fees paid to non-professional organizations.

Sources [+]

Opinion of the Texas Attorney General NOS. DM-29 (1991), JM-716 (1987), JM-516 (1986), H-397 (1974).

Documentation Requirements [+]

  1. During a pre-payment or post-payment audit, a state agency must, upon request, make documentation available to the Comptroller’s office showing the services the agency has been receiving from the chamber of commerce.
  2. Comptroller object 7201 must be used.