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Restricted Expenditures — Employee Testing
Polygraph Testing

Voluntary Polygraph Testing Programs

A state agency may pay for a voluntary polygraph testing program if the agency has specific or implied statutory authority for the expenditure.

This applies to state agencies that sponsor polygraph testing programs and do not make any term or condition of employment dependent on an employee’s willingness to submit to polygraph testing.

Polygraph Testing by the Texas Department of Public Safety

Funds appropriated by the General Appropriations Act may not be used for polygraph testing of a commissioned law enforcement officer of the Texas Department of Public Safety unless it is requested by the officer.

Source [+]

Rider 20 in the appropriations to the Department of Public Safety in the General Appropriations Act.

Documentation Requirements [+]

  1. During a pre-payment or a post-payment audit, a state agency that pays for polygraph testing must, upon request, make documentation available to the Comptroller’s office showing how the requirements described in this section have been satisfied.
  2. Comptroller object 7299 must be used.