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Prompt Payment – USAS Instructions
Returned Direct Deposits and Replacement Payments

Reissues of lost, stolen or forged warrants and returned direct deposits are processed without additional interest. Follow the instructions below to avoid additional interest being calculated.

To reissue returned direct deposit payments, do the following:

  • When a direct deposit payment is returned, use the interest control flag R to refuse interest with reason code RD.
  • Although additional interest is refused, manually include any interest due on the original direct deposit payment with COBJ 7806.

To issue a replacement payment by warrant when the original warrant is lost, stolen or forged, do the following:

  • A payment distribution type (PDT) of V must be used to identify a replacement warrant.
  • Enter the date (MMDDYY) that the warrant was originally issued in the ORIG PMT DATE field. The original payment date can be found online on the Accounting Event Record Inquiry (84) screen in the PAYMENT DT field.
  • For replacement warrants, the PMT DUE DATE should be the same as on the original transaction.
  • If the replacement warrant is not submitted correctly to USAS, then undue interest could accrue and be paid to the payee.

To issue a replacement payment by direct deposit when the original warrant is lost, stolen or forged, use the interest control flag R to refuse interest, with reason code RD.


Money owed to a vendor.
State agency
  • A board, commission, department, office or other agency in the executive branch of state government created by the constitution or a statute of this state, including an institution of higher education as defined by Texas Education Code Section 61.003.
  • The Legislature or a legislative agency.
  • The Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, a court of appeals, a state judicial agency or the State Bar of Texas.