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Changes to this Document
07/27/2018 Late payment interest rate increases for Fiscal 2019
05/09/2018 Restricted Expenditures tab updated to clarify agencies’ responsibility for verifying vendor warrant hold status
02/15/2018 Miscellaneous Expenditures (Aircraft) and State Employees (Water and Meals, Food and Beverages) tabs were updated
10/06/2017 Through acts of the 85th Legislature, Regular Session, updates were made to the Contracts (SB 1289), Miscellaneous Expenditures, Restricted Expenditures (HB 89, SB 252 and GAA, Article IX, Section 16.04) and State Employees tabs.
07/21/2017 Late payment interest rate increases for Fiscal 2018
09/02/2016 Updates were made to Retention Requirements Concerning Supporting Documentation on the General Provisions tab.
08/31/2016 Fiscal Matters and State Employees tabs were updated
10/12/2015 Contracts (SB 20 and HB 3014) and State Employees (HB 3337) updates available
11/25/2014 New LBB major contract PDF reporting instructions available
07/11/2014 Late payment interest rate remains 4.25 percent for fiscal 2015
07/19/2013 Late payment interest rate will remain at 4.25 percent for fiscal 2014
08/24/2012 Payment Scheduling and Prompt Payment tabs now available
03/27/2012 Outside legal counsel payment process to change April 1
07/22/2011 Settlements and Judgments tab has been updated
04/12/2011 Licensing Fees and Occupation Taxes under eXpendit’s State Employees tab has been updated
03/18/2011 eXpendit now has interactive TOC

FPP I.005

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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