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Miscellaneous Expenditures — Employee and Volunteer Programs
Volunteer Programs and Awards


A governmental entity that provides human services must use volunteers, if feasible, to assist in providing human services of a high quality.

Each governmental entity having a volunteer program must include, if practical, volunteers in addition to paid staff in planning and implementing the program.

Volunteer Awards


Governmental entity
A state agency or any other governmental entity supported in whole or in part by funds received from the state. (Govt Code 2109.001(1))
Human services
Providing for basic human mental or physical needs. (Govt Code 2109.001(2))
An individual or entity that provides services to a governmental entity without receiving any consideration for the services other than expense reimbursements.

Sources [+]

Texas Government Code Sections 2109.001-2109.006; Texas Attorney General No. LO-96-132 (1996).

Volunteer awards

A state agency may use appropriated money to purchase certificates, plaques, pins and other similar awards to be presented to volunteers for special achievement or outstanding service, if the agency has established a volunteer program in accordance with State guidelines. The cost of the awards may not exceed $50 for an individual volunteer.

Volunteer Program Awards


Appropriated money
Money appropriated by the Legislature through the General Appropriations Act (GAA) or other law. (Govt Code 2113.001(1))
State agency
  • A department, commission, board, office or other entity in the executive branch of state government.
  • The Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, another entity in the judicial branch of state government with statewide authority or a court of appeals.
  • A university system or an institution of higher education as defined by Texas Education Code Section 61.003. (Govt Code 2113.001(2))

Sources [+]

Texas Government Code Section 2113.001, Section 2113.202.

Documentation Requirements [+]

  1. Comptroller object 7211 must be used.
  2. Comptroller object 7299 must be used for other necessary expenses.
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