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Correcting Bookkeeping and Cost Allocation Entries (APS 021)

FPP A.013

Agency Requirements for Cost Allocation Transactions

About These Transactions

Agencies should complete cost allocation transactions within 30 days after the first, second and third fiscal year quarters, and within 60 days following the fiscal year end.

Note: These requirements are consistent with the time limits in Cost Allocation from Temporary Administrative and Support Appropriations (APS 025).


Correct current period expenditures previously charged to temporary agency accounts using transfer T-codes 303 and 304 and a current effective date. Correct prior period transactions with T-codes 366 and 367, which allow backdating of the transaction effective date. Prior period adjustment T-codes are available based on the allowable Transaction Effective Dates for USAS Entries in the reporting requirements for the annual financial reports.

Document Type

Transactions must be entered using Document Type J.

Batch Type

Batch Types 4, 5 or 8 can be used.

Note to CAPPS Agencies: CAPPS agencies are considered a reporting agency and cost allocations are reflected in CAPPS.