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Reimbursements for Unemployment Compensation Payments (APS 003)

FPP A.035

Comptroller Actions for Delinquent Reimbursements


The Comptroller’s office initiates a collection process when TWC identifies agencies that are delinquent in reimbursing TWC accounts.

Collection Process

The Comptroller’s office carries out the process in the table below when an agency is delinquent in reimbursing TWC accounts:

Stage Process
1 TWC will notify the Comptroller’s office of any remaining amounts due from funds held in Treasury Operations or in local bank accounts.
2 On receipt of the delinquency report, an appropriation control officer (ACO) will notify the delinquent agency of its status and will inform the agency that reimbursements not made within 10 working days will be initiated by the Comptroller’s office. The ACO will identify the amount and the fund to be charged.
3 The agency will have 10 days to clear up any outstanding issues with TWC, notify its ACO that all applicable reimbursements have been made, and provide documentation of delinquent balance reimbursement.
4 If an agency remains delinquent after 10 days, the ACO will process a reimbursement from the delinquent agency’s operating appropriations for 100 percent of the delinquency. General revenue appropriations will be charged when possible; otherwise, another source will be used.
5 The ACO will send a copy of the processed journal voucher document to the delinquent agency. T-codes 416 and 416R will be used to process these reimbursements.
6 The agency is responsible for preparing any documents that may be needed if the ACO processes incorrect amounts or coding elements. The delinquent agency must prepare any corrections regarding amounts paid to TWC and send them to the ACO for central entry.