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Reimbursements for Unemployment Compensation Payments (APS 003)

FPP A.035

General Agency Guidelines for Reimbursing TWC

Agencies and institutions must follow these guidelines when reimbursing TWC:

  • Reimbursements to TWC must be made by the agency within 30 days of receipt of the Reimbursable Unemployment Benefits Statement form (C-58R-2).
  • Agencies are directed to verify the fund sources reimbursements are due from.
    • CAPPS HR/Payroll agencies need to contact their authorized Level 1 user and the CAPPS help desk for additional assistance.
    • For Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) agencies, USPS Report 189 will identify the fund an employee was paid from.
    • For non-USPS agencies, use the USAS DAFR3651 Warrant Register by Agency Report under Warrant Type 010 Payroll.
    • For agencies that process reimbursement payrolls through USAS, the DAFR3741 Payment Register by Agency, document type and document number under document type 5 can be used.
    • Agencies can also use internal payroll systems for fund source verification. The base period defined above would be used to determine the fund source.
  • Agencies must reduce any federal funding reflected in the General Revenue Proportionate Amount column or the GR Dedicated Fund Proportionate Amount column and include these amounts indicating the federal adjustments to TWC in the Fed/Other FDs Appro. Proportionate Amount column of the Fund Source Statement (Appendix B of Form C-58R-2).
    Note that federal funds paid from the general revenue fund are not subject to 50 percent matching.
  • If the agency needs to adjust amounts owed or reclassify fund sources billed, the agency must return the Fund Source Statement (Appendix B of Form C-58R-2) indicating the change to TWC.
  • Agencies must establish budget in Appropriation 90822 as needed to reimburse TWC for the additional 50 percent owed. Institutions of higher education may reimburse this portion directly out of their own appropriations.