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Final EEO Report Copies Available Oct. 30

Final copies of the 2018 Equal Employment Opportunity Report (FPP F.016) will be sent to each state agency and institution of higher education via electronic file transfer on Oct. 30.

Oct. 26 is the deadline for making data corrections. Corrections entered or submitted after this date will not be reflected in the final report. The Comptroller’s office will send the final report to the Civil Rights Division of the Texas Workforce Commission on Oct. 30.

Benefit Replacement Pay Leveling Election Due

State agencies that permit eligible employees to level their benefit replacement pay (BRP) must update their payroll/personnel systems for December payrolls paid in calendar year 2019.

Learn more about Benefit Replacement Pay (BRP) Leveling Election (FPP F.035).


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10/22/2018  USPS Employee Union Deduction Report 96 Available
 USPS Overpayment Report 549 Available
10/23/2018   EEO Report Acknowledgment Form Due
10/26/2018   EEO Report Data Corrections Due
10/30/2018   Cost Allocation Entries and Bookkeeping Error Corrections Due
  Final EEO Report Available
11/1/2018  USPS Labor Statistics Report 71 Available
 USPS Termed Employees Report 543 Available
11/2/2018  USPS Credit Union Report 538 Available
11/5/2018  ERS DCP Changes Report 978 Available
11/6/2018  USPS Cancellation Report 971 Available

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