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USAS Accounting and Payment Control

FPP B.005

Detective Control: Risky Document Report (DAFR9840)

Agencies may request the DAFR9840 on the Report Request Profile (91) screen for a list of documents that were entered or altered by the same user who released the batch.

The DAFR9840 identifies and analyzes documents with these action codes:

  • 200 – Transaction Added to Accounting Files
  • 205 – Transaction on Accounting Files Changed
  • 210 – Transaction Deleted from Accounting File
  • 201 – Release of Batch

Only documents that have a combination of 201 and either 200, 205 or 210 action codes with the same user ID are shown on the report.

The DAFR9840 has two special selects. Special Select 1 is for date range(s). Agencies may request the report for a single date or for a range of dates. The report is limited to the current and prior fiscal year.

Special Select 2 is for document type. The default value (blank) for Special Select 2 displays all documents within the date range designated by Special Select 1. Or, users can restrict the type of documents displayed to payment documents only (Special Select 2 = PYMT) or to non-payment documents only (Special Select 2 = NPMT).

This control was implemented with ACR 23766.