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USAS Accounting and Payment Control

FPP B.005

Preventative Control: Edit for Document Tracking Control

Agencies may elect to have the document tracking control edit on the Agency Profile (D02) set to either:

  • Prevent a user from releasing a batch that the same user entered or altered for the agency, or
  • Warn the user when the same user attempts to release his or her own entries or changes.

The document tracking control edit triggers a message on the Batch Balancing (502) screen:

  • If the agency chooses to prevent the user who entered or changed a batch from releasing a batch, USAS displays the message: Different User Must Release Batch. The batch is not released.
  • If the agency chooses to warn when the user who entered or changed a batch is releasing a batch, USAS displays the message: Same Person Should Not Enter/Change a Transaction Then Release. Press Enter to Continue. The batch is then released.
  • If the agency selects neither option, then USAS functions as usual without additional warnings or controls.

To invoke this edit, agencies must request an update to Position 18 of the Data-Related Errors section of the D02 profile by emailing their appropriation control officer. Requests should include the preferred edit option: Blank (Fatal) or W (Warning). I (Ignore) is the default value.

These edits cannot be used with system-generated/alpha batch types, but can be used with these batch types:

  • 1 – Budgetary
  • 2 – Revenue
  • 3 – Encumbrance
  • 4 – Expenditures
  • 5 – Journal Vouchers
  • 6 – Payroll
  • 7 – Torts
  • 8 – Journal Voucher Balancing

The edit is triggered when a user who entered or altered any transaction in the batch tries to release a batch. Re-computing a batch or scrolling through a batch in change or in view mode does not trigger the edit. Oversight staff cannot override the edit.

This control was implemented with Application Change Request (ACR) 23765.