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SPRS User Guide
SPRS Entitlement Code Table

Entitlement Codes Entitlement Names Personnel Authorization Required
1XM One-Time Merit Pay No
BIL CPO Bilingual Capability Stipend No
BMI Per Diem: Board Members In-State-Cash No
BMO Per Diem: Board Members Out-of-State-Cash No
BRP Benefit Replacement Pay No
BSY Base Salary Pay No
CAI Administrative Per Diem In State Non-Overnight Meals No
CAO Officer Per Diem Out of State Non-Overnight Meals No
CER CPO Certification Level Stipend No
CLO Clothing Allowance (allowance for clothing or cleaning) Yes
CON Continuing Education Yes
CPD Per Diem: Compensatory (Board Members) No
CPI Child Protective Investigation Stipend Yes
CSS Cost of Living Salary Supplement Yes
CTP Compensatory Time Pay No
DSP Lump Sum Death Sick Leave Pay No
DVP Lump Sum Death Vacation Pay No
EDL CPO Education Level Stipend No
EXM Emergency One-Time Merit Pay No
FFC FFCRA Paid Sick Care No
FFQ FFCRA Paid Sick Quarantine No
FIR Fire Brigade Pay Yes
HAZ Hazardous Duty Pay No
LOG Longevity Pay No
LSV Lump Sum Vacation Pay No
NHB New Hire Bonus Yes
OTP Overtime Pay No
PBN Performance Bonus Pay/Enhanced Compensation Award No
PDI Per Diem: Employee In-State-Cash No
PDO Per Diem: Employee Out-of-State-Cash No
SHD Shift Hours Differential Yes
SNP SNAP Program Bonus Yes
SRB Staff Retention Bonus Yes
SSC County Supplemental Pay Yes
SUP Salary Supplementation Yes
UPD Unit Pay Differential No

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Changes to this Document
Date Updates
05/08/2020 Added entitlement codes FFC (FFCRA Paid Sick Care), FFL (FFCRA FMLA Paid Leave) and FFQ (FFCRA Paid Sick Quarantine)
04/01/2011 Removed entitlement DHS (Food Stamp Program Bonus Pay) and added entitlement SNP (SNAP Program Bonus)
06/01/2011 Removed entitlement DHS (Food Stamp Program Bonus Pay) and added entitlement SNP (SNAP Program Bonus)
09/06/2009 Added entitlement UPD (Unit Pay Differential)
08/07/2009 Added entitlement EXM (Emergency One-Time Merit Pay), effective 06/19/2009.