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SPRS User Guide
SPRS Deduction Code Table

Updated: Sept. 1, 2016 – View Changes

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Deduction Code Deduction Name Personnel Authorization Required
401 401k Contribution Yes
457 457 Deferred Compensation Yes
BAN Bankruptcy Yes
CCD Charitable Contributions Yes
CHI Child Support No
CSC Child Support Costs Order Yes
CSP College Savings Plan Yes
CUF Credit Union Fee Yes
CUP Credit Union Yes
DCC 457 3-year Catch up Yes
DCL 457 Deferred Comp Loan Yes
DDP Dental Discount Program Yes
ERS ERS Retirement (Employee Portion) No
FGO Federal Garnishment Order Yes
FIC Social Security Tax Withholding (OASDI & HI) No
FIT Federal Income Tax Withholding No
HSA Employee Health Savings Account No
INS Insurance (Pre-Tax and Post-Tax Premiums) Yes
LEC LECOS Retirement (Employee Portion) No
LEV IRS Levy Yes
LFS Limited Flexible Spending Account No
LOC Local Withholding No
LON 401k Loan Yes
ORD Organization Dues Yes
PRD Recoup Overpayment of Compensation Yes
PRK CSA Qualified Parking Benefit No
PRO Texas Protects Yes
PYB Agency Payables (Goods and Services Provided) Yes
R01 Roth 401k Contribution Yes
R57 Roth 457 Deferred Compensation Yes
SPM Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) Yes
STA State Income Tax Withholding No
STU Student Loan Yes
TOB Tobacco User Premium Differential Yes
TPF Texas Tuition Promise Fund Yes
TRN CSA Transit Pass/Vanpool Benefit No
TTF Prepaid Tuition/Texas Tomorrow Fund Yes
TXF TexFlex (Reimbursement Accounts) Yes
Changes to This Document
Date Updates
09/01/2016 Added deduction codes HSA (Employee Health Savings Account) and LFS (Limited Flexible Spending Account) effective 09/01/2016.
01/29/2016 Added deduction codes PRK (CSA Qualified Parking Benefit) and TRN (CSA Transit Pass/Vanpool Benefit) effective 02/01/2016.
09/02/2014 Added deduction code DDP (Dental Discount Program) effective 09/01/2014.
02/16/2012 Added deduction codes TOB (Tobacco User Premium Differential) effective 01/01/2012, R01 (Roth 401k Contribution) and R57 (Roth 457 Deferred Compensation) effective 02/01/2012.
12/31/2010 Removed deduction codes BON (Savings Bonds) and EIC (Earned Income Credit).
09/11/2009 Added deduction code LEC for LECOS Retirement (Employee Portion).
07/31/2009 Changed Deduction Code CHI (Child Support) personnel authorization required to 'No.' Authorized child support deduction transactions will no longer be required for any type of child support deduction.
05/11/2009 Added Deduction Code TPF (Texas Tuition Promise Fund). This new deduction requires authorized personnel setup before the deduction can be made on payroll.