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HRIS Compliance Reports

FPP F.003

How to read the HRIS Payroll Compliance Report

The HRIS Payroll Compliance Report has two main sections: the top and bottom grids.

Top Grid

The top grid shows the number of payroll transactions processed by HRIS for a calendar month that are:

  • posted
  • pending
  • rejected
  • canceled/adjusted.

In the example below, in November there were 9174 transactions posted to the permanent tables, 7993 transactions were pending, 12 transactions rejected, and 12 cancellations or adjustments were processed for a monthly total of 17,191 transactions. The monthly transaction counts for each row are added and recorded in the Current YTD Totals column.

Process Month SEPT OCT NOV Current
YTD Totals
Posted 5140 8726 9174 23040
Pending     7993 7993
Rejected 1 3 12 16
Cancel/Adj 22 18 12 52
Month Total 5163 8747 17191 31101

Bottom Grid

The bottom grid shows the timeliness of payroll transactions by payment date. Late transactions are shown in 30-day increments. The columns show the following information:

  • total transactions
  • total posted
  • total pending
  • total cancel/adjustments
  • the number and percentage of timely transactions, and
  • the number and percentage of late transactions in 30-day increments.

After the timeliness of a transaction is determined, it is counted in the appropriate timeliness column. Rejected, pending, and cancellation/adjustment transactions are included in the total transactions, but are not counted when determining timeliness percentages. The timeliness of pending transactions is not determined until they have posted to the permanent tables.

Payroll transactions with payment dates in the previous fiscal year are recorded in the Prior FY row. Transactions with payment dates in the current fiscal year are recorded in the monthly row based on their payment date. Cumulative totals for the current fiscal year are reflected in the Current YTD Totals row. Prior FY transactions are not counted in the Current YTD totals.

Pay/Cancel Date Total Trans Total Posted Total Pending Total Cancel/Adj Timely 1-30 DAYS LATE 31-60 DAYS LATE 61-90
PRIOR FY 327636 327560 16 36       8 7397
320155 97.7%
SEPTEMBER 37301 37291       6816
OCTOBER 40315 40305     34736 86.2% 5569
NOVEMBER 29290 29280 7 3 29280 100%          
CURRENT YTD TOTALS 106906 106876 7 3 64016
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