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Statewide ERP Update for Agency Executive Management
Meeting Notes
Feb. 27, 2012

Speakers: (in order of speaking)

Introduction: Phillip Ashley

I. Statewide ERP Project Background (Phillip Ashley)

Overview of where we started

ProjectONE Plan: adjustments and accomplishments

II. Update on ProjectONE (Jay Waldo)

CAPPS Update

TxDOT Update: James Bass

User Agency Testimonials:

TxDOT Testimonial: Robert Snipes

DIR Testimonial: Nick Villalpando

Next Steps: Phillip Ashley

III. Agency ERP Project Review (Phillip Ashley)

Project Review Process

How to Request Funding for CAPPS

IV. Q&A (Phillip Ashley unless otherwise noted)

Question: For the gaps that were identified during the Fit/Gap workshops, can we characterize how many were resolved by customizations versus one of the other processes mentioned?

Answer: CPA does not have the official number right now. The gaps were run against the vanilla (basic) product. Some of the gaps were addressed in the baseline Access HR system. ProjectONE will not have the official number until the HHS upgrade is final. (J.P. Wardle, ProjectONE Project Manager; Manager, ISAS Support and Statewide Financials)

Question: At what point will agencies be required to move over to the CAPPS system? At what point will the legacy systems be replaced?

Answer: This is unknown at this point. The primary reason for it being unknown is the funding issue. At this time, CPA does not know when the funding issue will improve, so we cannot be certain when other agencies will be affected by ERP. The ultimate direction is to have every agency on the statewide ERP system.

Question: How many agencies do we anticipate coming on board in the 2014/2015 biennium?

Question: On the Financials side, which modules are the current production agencies using?

Answer: DIR is using all modules except Project Management and Grants. CTTS is only using General Ledger and Asset Management.

Question: Can you confirm which agencies are considering going live on the HR system after it’s complete?

Answer: TxDOT is considering both the Financials and HR/Payroll system. If TxDOT chooses to move forward with HR/Payroll system, DIR will also move forward with implementation of the HR/Payroll.

Question: How is the pricing for ERP being determined? Is it based on Full-Time Employee (FTE) count or transactional count?

Answer: This has not been determined yet. This is a concern for all agencies but particularly small to midsize agencies. As we build the system, we expect the required customizations, and therefore costs, to decrease over time.

Question: Are there any agencies currently using the Grants module?

Answer: Not at this time.

Question: If an agency is prepared to do so, is it possible to implement prior to the 2014/2015 biennium?

Answer: CPA would be happy to discuss this with the agency. More than likely this would not be possible, given where we are in the HR/Payroll project; however, CPA would need to discuss this in more detail with the interested agency.

Question: Does CAPPS have a cash module for cash receipts?

Answer: There is the ability to do some cash receipts tasks within CAPPS; however, it really depends on how you do business if the system will need to be enhanced to meet your agencies needs. (J.P. Wardle, ProjectONE Project Manager; Manager, ISAS Support and Statewide Financials)

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V. Future Meetings (Phillip Ashley)

VI. Adjourned