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ACR 60122 – USPS System Change
Aug. 28, 2015


Application Change Request (ACR) 60122 migrated in the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) on Aug. 28, 2015, to allow employees to donate accrued sick leave directly to another employee at the same agency effective Sept. 1, 2015.


House Bill 1771, 84th Legislature, Regular Session, allows state employees to donate a portion of their unused sick leave to another employee at the same agency. USPS required modification to add the new donor sick leave type separated from other sick leave and implement these rules:

  • Employees receiving donated sick leave must have exhausted all of their sick leave balance, including any amounts from the agency’s sick leave pool and extended sick leave.
  • Donated sick leave cannot be used towards ERS retirement.
  • The donor can donate hours in any increment with no minimum or maximum.
  • Donated sick leave cannot be transferred to another state agency.
  • Donated sick leave cannot be paid out to the estate if the recipient passes away.
  • Donated sick leave hours can only come from the donor’s accrued sick leave.
  • The donor can donate sick leave to more than one recipient.
  • Donated hours do not get returned to the donor if the recipient does not use them all.
  • The entry date for donated hours must be on or after Sept. 1, 2015, and before the donor’s termination date.
  • Donated sick hours must be recorded as lost when the recipient terminates.
  • If the recipient terminates and is rehired at the same agency where donated sick hours were lost, the hours cannot be reinstated.


  • A new Donor Sick (DS) leave type was created to track the leave.
  • A new screen HQ9U1 (Donor Sick Activity) was created to record the donor activity to the recipient(s).
  • The Employee Leave Request (HM9U1) screen has a new DONOR SICK field to display available donor sick hours that an employee can take.

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