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ACR 30406 – USPS System Change
April 27, 2012


ACR 30406 will keep a termed employee's direct deposit instructions turned on for 60 days past the term date in the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) effective April 27, 2012.


In USPS, an employee's direct deposit instructions are turned "off" when any termination reason code other than 065 (Transfer) is entered. This action results in the employee receiving a warrant for any future dated payments the employee is due. The Standardized Payroll/Personnel Reporting System (SPRS) does not turn off direct deposit when a term reason code is entered. State employees are also now being offered a payment card for payroll net pay (paycard), allowing net payroll and lump sum payments to be sent to the account that remains active when the employee terminates.


Direct deposit instructions will remain turned "on" in USPS for 60 days past the term date (except Reason Code 069 - Deceased Employee). This allows for lump sum payments and late adjustments or corrections to be direct deposited, and also allows use of the paycard beyond the termination date. Reason Code 069 turns off direct deposit once the term is entered in USPS.

Two messages will appear on the Employee Direct Deposit screen (HØBUI) for termed employees if they have an active direct deposit. The first message is Empl Termed; Chgs Restricted, indicating that the only change allowed is to turn off the direct deposit. The second is Dir Dep Off After XX/XX/XXXX, and the Xs represent the date that equals 60 days past the termination date.

The direct deposit will turn off after the 60th day of term date as long as USPS is running a nightly cycle and the agency is not running a final payroll. The direct deposit can be manually turned off prior to the 60th day if needed. A new hire will always begin employment with direct deposit instructions off for every new hire code.

The Texas Identification Number System (TINS) will show that the direct deposit was deleted, and USPS will turn off the frequency when the 60 days have passed.

If a term code is entered and then backed-out, the direct deposit instructions will be reset. If a term code is entered and the term date is changed, then USPS will update the 60-day count down.

The migration of this ACR turned off all direct deposit instructions that were applicable to the new 60-day rule and created a maintenance history row in TINS.

This ACR also modified the new hire type edits to treat employees who hire on their 90th day of eligibility (due to transfer or dual employment) as still in 90-day wait. The hiring agency will be responsible for paying the $3 ERS state retirement fee.

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