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ACR 29667 – USPS System Change
March 4, 2011


ACR 29667 modifies the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) to allow an autoload of Report 978 (ERS Transmitted DCP Election Changes) effective March 4, 2011.


The Employees Retirement System (ERS) sends a file on the first workday of the month that includes employee deferred compensation plan (DCP) changes that should be applied in the current month. USPS creates Report 978 listing these changes and sends it out to the agencies with their daily USPS output. The agencies then have to manually enter these changes in USPS prior to processing their monthly payroll. Agencies requested that employee deferred compensation records be automatically loaded into USPS based on data received from ERS.


Modifications have been made to allow the autoload of an employee’s deferred compensation record into USPS based on information received on the ERS file. Agencies can continue to manually update the records or request an autoload of the information into USPS.

If agencies choose to automatically update the deferred compensation changes, they will need to submit a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to have the AUTO LOAD DCP FILE FROM ERS field on the HØCUS (Agency Processing Options) screen updated to Y.

Report 978 now has more explicit titles and displays additional information for the agency to use in reconciling the monthly report. Report 978 is created and sent out with the daily USPS output whether the agency has chosen to autoload or manually enter the deferred compensation changes. A section has been added to the report to include errors/failed updates that could come across from ERS.

In addition to automating the ERS DCP Election change file, this ACR corrects the uploading of the deduction frequency on only active records for the HN1UA (403B/457 Contribution) and HN1U6 (Optional Retirement Plan Information) screens

Screens affected

  • H0CUS (Agency Processing Options)
  • HN1UA (403B/457 Contribution)
  • HN1U1 (TEXA$AVER 401K Contribution)
  • HN1U6 (Optional Retirement Plan Information)
  • HN1LN (Loan Repay 401K Contribution)
  • HN1LO (Loan Repay 457 Contribution)

Reports affected

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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